Vehicles Text Part 1

The vehicles are available for use by SAS departments programs and classes for the primary purpose of supporting regularly scheduled classes conducted off campus. SAS borrowers have priority. Non-SAS borrowers will be charged a daily rate of $175 for 12-person vans and $100 for mini-vans, which must be paid by 26-digit code. No overnight trips will be approved.

Consistent with the University’s sustainability initiative,

In addition to having a valid U.S. driver's license, anyone wishing to borrow the vehicles must have taken the University’s Office of Risk Management’s online driver training course. The course is available at This training supersedes all previous training courses. There are 2 driver training courses to choose from. Those wanting to drive SAS vans must take the 10-module VAN Driver Safety Training course. You will need a valid Penn Key in order to access this training program. The driver training must be successfully completed in order to make use of SAS vans. All drivers must be at least 21 years of age. Contact Ruth Kelley at for additional information.

The vehicles are limited to travel of 75 miles round trip from Penn's campus, according to Google maps: .