French 140- Intermediate French II

FREN 140 Coordinator: Lisa Britton

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« Yé krik ! Yé krak ! Tous les contes sont bons à dire ! » 

In French 140, you are invited to listen to the different stories that help define the French-speaking population beyond the borders of France. The figure of the griot, the West African storyteller and guardian of tradition, is our guide as we learn about the history and customs of Senegal, Martinique and Morocco. In particular, we explore the cities of Dakar, Fort-de-France, and Fes, investigating the diverse perspectives and voices of the francophone world reflected in folktales, film, and musicThese authentic materials engage you to consider issues pertaining to francophone identity such as the influence of Western ideas in African cultures, and the role of oral tradition. At the same time, the course is designed to develop your communicative competence as well as your writing and reading skills through the review and practice of essential grammatical points (past tenses, subjunctive, passive voice and the passé simple) in more depth Finally, as you listen to the stories of the francophone world, you will have the opportunity to recount your own personal experiences and the stories that have helped to shape who YOU are!