Dissertations Recently Defended:


  • Romain Delaville, “Face Value: Physiognomy, Portraiture, and the Making of Subjectivity in Francophone Literature and Visual Culture" (2017)
  • Melissa DunLany, "The Aesthetics of Waste: Michel Tournier, Agnes Varda, Sabine Macher"  (2017)
  • Ben Baker, "Uncertain Boundaries: Dispositive Techniques in Prevost's Novels" (2016)
  • Adam Cutchin, "The Mysteres of Paris and Montreal: Crime, National Identity, and the City in Nineteenth-Century Urban Mysteries and the Popular Press" (2016)
  • Arabella Hobbs, "Calvary or Catastrophe? French Catholicism's First World War" (2016)
  • Samuel Martin , "The Dilation of the Poem (Philippe Jaccottet)"  (2016)
  • Lisa Bromberg, "Geographies of Exile and the Making of French Nationhood in the Nineteenth Century" (2016)
  • George MacLeod, "Approaching the Witness: Narratives of Trauma in Sub-Saharan African Literature and Film" (2015)
  • Caroline Grubbs, "Cultures of Time in Fin-de-siecle France: The Popular Literature and Graphic Art of Albert Robida (1848-1926)" (2014)
  • Charlotte Ritzmann, "Fictions of Identity in the 13th century: The Example of the Lancelot proper" (2014)
  • Anne Bornschein, "Heirs of the Round Table: French Arthurian fiction from 1977 to the present" (2013)
  • Lucas Hollister, "Problematic returns: On the romanesque in contemporary French literature" (2013)
  • Kathleen Kasten, "Writing luxury: Mirrors, silk, lace, and writing desks in French literature, 1660--1715" (2013)
  • Matthew Pagett, "Money plays: Performing currency in seventeenth-century French comedy" (2013)
  • Sara Phenix, "Designing women: Fashion, fiction, and femininity in Second Empire France" (2013)
  • Ekaterina Alexandrova, "Outlandish fictions: The eighteenth-century French novel and marriage on women's terms" (2012)
  • Ian McConnon, "Substance and providence in the Old French theological romance" (2012)
  • Lucy Swanson, "Bringing out the undead: Reinventing the zombie in contemporary fiction of the Francophone Caribbean" (2012)