Open sea kayaking in Bohuslän, Sweden

Swedish Courses

Penn currently offers:

Elementary Swedish I (SCND 101-401, offered fall of odd-numbered years)
Elementary Swedish I Syllabus - Fall semester 2017 (pdf file)

Elementary Swedish II (SCND 102-401, offered spring of even-numbered years)
Elementary Swedish II Syllabus - Spring semester 2018 (pdf file)

Intermediate Swedish I (SCND 103-401, offered fall of even-numbered years)
Intermediate Swedish I Syllabus - Fall 2018 (pdf file)

Intermediate Swedish II (SCND 104-401, offered spring of odd-numbered years).

The courses are designed to give you good practical communication skills and cross-cultural insights. The courses can also prepare you for further studies or work in Scandinavia. 

Course flyers:

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For more information please contact:

Carina Aahren, Lecturer
Swedish Program
Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
751 Williams Hall
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305