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Members are listed by graduate group, and country of primary focus is noted where known.
C = China and J = Japan


Megan Tracy        mtracy@sas.upenn.edu

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies  top

Cortney Chaffin    cchaffin@sas.upenn.edu            C
Max Dionisio       dionisio@sas.upenn.edu            J
Jeff Graves        jgraves@ccat.sas.upenn.edu        J
Noriko Horiguchi   norikoj@sas.upenn.edu             J
Sung Shin Kim      sungshin@sas.upenn.edu            C
Michael S. Laver   mlaver@sas.upenn.edu              J
Nona Carter        ncarter@sas.upenn.edu             J
Tom Radice         tradice@hotmail.com               C
Ouzi Rotem         rotem@sas.upenn.edu
Rika Saito         rikas@sas.upenn.edu               J
Jia (Jane) Si      sijia@sas.upenn.edu               C
Gavin Walker       gmwalker@sas.upenn.edu            J
Ellen Wang         wangcs@sas.upenn.edu              C
Jiajia Wang        jiajia@sas.upenn.edu              C
Kristin Williams   kristin4@sas.upenn.edu            J

Comparative Literature  top

Sayumi Takahashi   sayumi@sas.upenn.edu              J

Graduate School of Education  top

Mingguang Yang     mgyang@gse.upenn.edu

History   top

Christopher Lew    clew@sas.upenn.edu                C

History and Sociology of Science  top

Hilary Smith       smithhil@sas.upenn.edu            C

Religious Studies  top

Jacques Fasan      jfasan@hotmail.com (Temple Univ.) J
Jeff Graves        jgraves@ccat.sas.upenn.edu        J

Other   top

Yan Peng Hao       yenpeng@joymail.com
Taeyoon Ahn        tyahn@sas.upenn.edu (Visiting Scholar in Women's Studies)

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