Jorge Téllez

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504 Williams Hall
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Fall 2018: on research leave
(215) 898-6029
(215) 898-0933
Assistant Professor of Romance Languages

My research focuses on colonial Spanish-American and Mexican literatures and cultures.

My first book, Poéticas del Nuevo Mundo (Siglo XXI Editores, 2012), is a study of the ways in which authors reflected on writing in the colonial period. It examines theoretical reflections in praises of poetry, poetics and works of literary criticism during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteen centuries in colonial Spanish America.

My second book project explores the afterlives of the picaresque novel in Mexico. Drawing from a multidisciplinary approach that involves anthropology, sociology, literary theory and intellectual history, the book aims to analyze the development of the Mexican literary field through picaresque narratives from sixteenth to the twenty-first century.

In addition to poetics, history of the novel, and cultural markets in Latin America, other research interests include book history, history of reading and literary theory. In relation to these topics, I am currently working on a series of academic articles that reflect upon reading as a cultural practice in colonial Spanish America.

 I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses on colonial and Latin American literature, often with a genealogical approach that relates colonial practices with contemporary literature and culture.