Fragment from the South Temple

About 60 m to the southwest of the forum square lay another structure decorated with impressive imported marbles. Carved in a small- to medium-grained, white marble, a composite base with a diameter of c. 80 cm was probably part of this temple. The base’s measurements generate a columnar order of c. 8 m, c. 27 RF, high. None of the deep red marble column shafts (there are seven shafts in this stone) found on the site of this structure has a preserved diameter that is comparable to the flare line diameter of the composite base. However, the average diameter of the column shafts is 67.3 cm and can be related proportionally to the composite base, suggesting that they could be connected with this structure. Only one capital, no. 97.09, can be linked to this structure. White marble composite bases probably supported deep red marble shafts with thick white veining and were topped by white marble composite capitals. From the existing evidence one cannot state the numbers of columns on the façade, the size of the structure, nor comment on the intricacy of the plan.