Fragment from the West Temple

A series of mounds, which loosely form a rectangle, probably define the extent of the West Temple on the forum square. Two composite bases in a medium-grained white marble were found c. 10 m from the edge of the eastern mound and could be placed with this temple. The bases, c. 85.5 cm in diameter, are the third-largest bases recovered from the forum area. In Africa Proconsularis bases of this size and material were normally only used in temple or bath complexes. Lack of monumental remains and the physical location make the bath interpretation implausible at Meninx. Thus, in all likelihood these bases are from a temple. Obviously, one cannot determine the plan and complete elevation of the temple from the two bases, but the columnar order can be proposed. The diameter of the composite bases suggests a shaft height of 6.84-7.08 m, i.e., c. 23-24 RF.