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Student and Alumni Stories

Trisha Bhagde, MCS ’19—expected

Physical chemistry

See how physical chemistry crystallized Trisha Bhagde’s academic ambitions and drive to research atmospheric change.

Suzanne Dettling, MCS ’19—expected

Organic Chemistry

Find out what Suzanne Dettling learned from combining her master’s in organic chemistry with an interest in neuroscience.

2017 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

Discover Katherine’s advice on carving a career path and taking advantage of the program’s interdisciplinary curriculum.

Zhenyao Fang

Physical chemistry

Learn how computational methods help Zhenyao Fang bridge chemistry and physics in a theoretical chemistry lab at Penn.

Organic Chemistry

Hear about professional development opportunities, on-campus research groups and the work Rahul is doing in medical science.

Bio-inorganic Chemistry

Learn about faculty-to-student and peer-to-peer relationships from Yannan, an international student from China.

Jungmi Park

Organic Chemistry

Explore how Jungmi Park applies organic chemistry methods to her capstone research in an inorganic nanomaterials lab at Penn.

Environmental and Organic Chemistry

Gain insight from Michael on professors, extracurricular activities and the incredible guest speakers and lecturers who come to Penn.


Organic Chemistry

Discover how conducting biochemical research in a local lab gave Brian Roberts a deeper understanding of the scientific process.

Theoretical and technical expertise


A blend of core concentration courses and electives allows students to create an individualized academic schedule.

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Am I eligible to apply?

Admissions and Eligibility

Admissions to the master's program is highly selective. Learn more about applicant qualifications.

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Creating the right chemistry


See how our Master of Chemical Sciences program makes it possible for students to link their academics to industry experience.

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