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J. Anthony Sauder

Lecturer and Academic Advisor, Master of Science in Applied Geosciences Program

Tony Sauder is a registered professional engineer and geologist with more than 30 years of experience in water resources, hydrogeology and environmental engineering. His hydrology experience has ranged from evaluating water harvesting in semi-arid regions of Africa to testing a high capacity public water supply well in New Jersey to determining protective discharge limits based on low flows in a Pennsylvania stream. His international experience includes 10 years working on projects involving water supply and sustainable development in Chad, Sudan, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Belize. In his water supply and community development work, Tony has sought to facilitate access to water and communicate the benefits of improved water sources and sanitation on health. While working as Senior Engineer and Hydrogeologist at Pennoni, Tony shares his practical experience through teaching Hydrology at Penn. He also serves as a professional mentor to the Penn Engineers without Borders’ (EWB) water and sanitation projects in Honduras, Guatemala and Cameroon. Tony received his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Drexel University in 1996 along with his Master of Science in Engineering Geology with a concentration in hydrogeology.

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