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The Global Organization (GL) studies concentration focuses on cultural diversity and organizational relationships within and between local companies and the international community. These courses include international seminars in which students study for one to two weeks in such countries as China, Sweden, South Korea and France.

The Global Organization track may be appropriate for those who work in or are affiliated with a global organization; those who are planning to establish business relationships outside North America (including outsourcing); and those interested in the effects of global culture, economics, politics and communication on organizational enterprises. Global Organization courses also examine how global interests are influenced by local cultural framing.

Recent courses in this concentration include:

  • European Approaches to Complex Multi-Stakeholder Project Management
  • Corporate and Non-Profit Leadership: Balancing Entrepreneurship and Social Welfare in South Korea
  • The Balance of Power in the Global New Normal

Students who complete this concentration earn a certificate in Global Organization Studies.

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