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Tuition at the University of Pennsylvania is calculated at a per course unit (c.u.)* rate based on the program in which you are enrolled and the number of course units for which you register. 

Choose your program of interest, below, to learn about the relevant tuition and fees.

Students enrolling in classes offered at other schools of the University should coordinate closely with their program director and academic advisors to fully understand the tuition implications.

Please note that all tuition and fee charges are subject to the approval of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania and may change without notice.


It is our goal at Penn to make education accessible to talented students from the widest possible range of backgrounds. Your financial support options will depend on the program in which you are enrolled, so be sure to read more at the program links, above.


Student Financial Services issues monthly Student Account Billing Statements electronically via Penn.Pay. The bill includes tuition, fees, room, board and other expenses. Updated transactions resulting from add/drop activity can be viewed under the New Activity section of Penn.Pay, and will appear on your next monthly statement.

There are a variety of payment methods options available, including in-person, by mail, through wire transfer or online through Penn.Pay. You should always pay your bill in full by the due date to avoid a late penalty.

The current billing schedule is available at the Student Financial Services website. Please contact the department responsible for any questions about a specific charge on your bill. 


Student Financial Services
The Student Financial Services (SFS) office is available to help prospective and current students understand and navigate financing options. 

Payment plan options
Penn offers several low-cost payment options that are not based on financial need. 

Penn employee benefits
Learn more about the benefits available to full-time Penn employees.

Third-party payment
Learn more about special billing arrangements available for your employer or other third-party sponsors. 

Penn/Federal Work-Study provides on-campus and off-campus employment to eligible undergraduate and graduate students with financial need.

Yellow Ribbon Program
The College of Liberal and Professional Studies is among the many entities at Penn that have committed funds to support eligible veterans through the Yellow Ribbon Program.

*Academic credit is defined by the University of Pennsylvania as a course unit (c.u.). A course unit (c.u.) is a general measure of academic work over a period of time, typically a term (semester or summer). A c.u. (or a fraction of a c.u.) represents different types of academic work across different types of academic programs and is the basic unit of progress toward a degree. One c.u. is usually converted to a four-semester-hour course.

LPS News

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