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An Azeri-Uzbek language workshop was organized by the Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania April 26-27, 2018. The workshop counted participants from Penn and outside Penn. The workshop covered alphabet reform movements in these languages and their writing systems, comparisons in their grammar structures, sample speaking exercises, and a case study on an Uzbek class at Penn.The workshop was led by Dr. Feride Hatiboglu, Dr. Daisy Braverman and Dr. Mahyar Entezari all language instructors at the Department for Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Visiting Scholar Dr. Erika Gilson, together with Bianca Brown, PhD-student at the Graduate School of Education, NELC graduate students Furkat Sharipov and Elif Sayar and Wharton undegraduate student Aychin Sultan.      

Wharton Business School Graduate of Class of 2018, Loujeine Boutar, is the winner of the 2017-2018 Middle East Center Translation Contest for her translation of an excerpt of the Algerian female author Ahlan Mosteghanemi's book The Art of Forgetting from 2011.Mosteghanemi's boldness when talking about love, desire and femininity and when criticizing the politics in the Arab World was what motivated Loujeine's choice of author.

This year the Middle East Center Translation Contest welcomed entries of original translations of Arabic texts from the 20th and the 21st centuries.     

Congratulations to Nour Halabi!

She has accepted a job at Leeds University's School of Media and Communication and will be teaching race and media. 

Nour Halabi is a PhD Candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication (August '18). Her research focuses on race and representation in the media, migration and social movements. She has published her work in Arab Media & Society, International Journal of Middle East Studies, and the International Journal of Communication.

Her dissertation focuses on what she has dubbed "immigration hospitality." She provides a historical policy and discourse analysis, contrasting comtemporary US immigration policy and discourse with that of the Chinese Exclusion Era, the 1920s, and the post-9/11 immigration environment. Examining the regulatory and media environements within these three representative periods of American immigration history has demonstrated that hospitality has been extended to some categories of immmigrants over others. This restrictive environment clashes with the enduring myth that the United States is a "nation of immigrants"

Iran Graduate Students Workshop

This past weekend (May 4-5) the Middle East Center welcomed graduate students, early career scholars and senior scholars from Princeton, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, New York, Austin, Freiburg (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland) for what turned out to be an intellectually stimulating and productive workshop. The Iranian Graduate Student Workshop is a very exciting patnership that MEC has developed with NYU and Princeton, which gives graduate students from all over the world, working on all aspects of Iranian and Persianate studies, the opportunity to present their work to one another, and to receive feedback from senior scholars, over the course of an intensive, biannual two-day workshop. The idea is that, each time, the cohort from the previous worshop returns and gives feedback to the new cohort of graduate students.

In this picture PhD candidate Maral Sahabjeme from the University of Washington is presenting her research titled, "'A Low-cost marriage': Discourse of Unmarried Cohabitation (White Marriage) in Iran".  She is joined in this picture by the discussants, Penn Professors Jamal Elias and Brian Spooner. The panel was chaired by NYU Professor Arang Keshavarzian.    

Congratulations Katherine Burge! Her photo won this year's Modern Middle East Studies (MMES) Photography Contest. Taken in 2015, her photo depicts the marshes around Basra, Iraq. You can find her photo hanging in the MEC office.

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Congratulations Kim Pulliam! This FLAS recipient has received a well-earned spotlight on our FLAS page. We wish you all the best.

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Congratulations to Madeline Smith! She received Honorable Mention in this year's Middle East Center's Essay Contest.


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On Monday, April 16th, Alex Weisiger facilitated a panel discussion surrounding the future of the Iran deal. The panel included Jamal Abdi (Vice President for Policy at the NIAC), Jeffrey Prescott (Strategic Consultant, Penn Biden Center), and John Ghazvinian (Associate Director of the Middle East Center).

On April 11th, Cory Boatwright facilitated a panel discussion, titled "The United States Military and The Middle East: A View from Veterans". The panel included Chase Wilke (Wharton MBA Student), Michael Lowhorn (Analyst, Kennedy Wilson), Samuel Helfont (Lecturer, International Relations Program, University of Pennsylvania) and Brent Gerundo (Wharton MBA Student). The discussion covered their various perceptions of the Middle East, both before and after their time in the U.S. Military.  

Congratulations Gareth Smail! This former FLAS recipient has received a well-earned spotlight on our FLAS page. We wish you all the best.

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