UHADI visits Penn

UHADI, or "musical bow", a South-African jazz ensemble visits Penn - Spring 2016

Penn Wind Ensemble

Penn Prof. of Art History Andre Dombrowski speaks to the Penn Wind Ensemble about the visual art elements of their April 9, 2016 concert in Irvine Auditorium (photo credit:  Penn Art & Culture)

Penn Baroque Ensemble Spring 2017

Students in the Penn Baroque Ensemble perform Bach; Rose Recital Hall, April 2017

Doctoral graduates 2017

Congratulations to our May 2017 Ph.D. graduates (from left to right)  Marc LeMay (Composition), Melissa Dunphy (Composition), Ruthie Meadows (Ethnomusicology), Nina Ohman (Ethnomusicology), Lily Kass (Musicology), Suzanne Bratt (Musicology), Lee Veeraraghavan (Ethnomusicology).    Ph.D. Awards but not pictured are Andrew Davis (Ph.D. Composition), Finola Merivale (M.A. in Composition) and Kevin Laskey (M.A. in Composition).

Penn Arab Music Ensemble

The Penn Arab Music Ensemble's instrumental group, under direction of Hanna Khoury, performs at the Iron Gate Theater


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