Ann Moyer

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Associate Professor of History
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215C College Hall
215 898.4957
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Tuesday 1:30-3 PM or by appointment
Research and Teaching Interests: 

Ann Moyer specializes in the intellectual and cultural history of Renaissance Europe, especially sixteenth-century Italy. Her current work focuses on the study of culture and the formation of cultural identity in sixteenth-century Tuscany. Moyer's previous work includes a cluster of three related book-length research projects with overlapping themes related to music, mathematics, and the relationship between the arts and the sciences in Renaissance Europe. 

Selected Publications: 

Musica Scientia: Musical Scholarship in the Italian Renaissance (Cornell University Press, 1992).

Raffaele Brandolini On Music and Poetry (MRTS, 2001).

The Philosophers' Game: Rithmomachia in Medieval and Renaissance Europe (University of Michigan Press, 2001).

Recent Courses: 

HIST 001 Europe In A Wider World
HIST 201 Florence in History
HIST 201 Magic, Religion, and Science Before the Scientific Revolution
HIST 308 Renaissance Europe
HIST 342 European Intellectual History, 1300 - 1600
HIST 422 Science and Culture in the West: from the Greeks to Galileo
HIST 620 A History of Cultural History: The Renaissance
HIST 620 The Presence of the Past: Readings in European Cultural History
HIST 620 European Intellectual History, 1300 - 1600
HIST 700 The Study of History
HIST 720 Research in Medieval and Early Modern History