Graduate Program: Fields of Study

The Graduate Group in Religious Studies offers the PhD in the following areas:

  • Buddhism; religions of South, Southeast, and East Asia (supervised by Professor Justin McDaniel, Professor Jolyon Thomas)
  • Religion in America, Pentecostalism, African American Religion, and Religion in the African Diaspora (supervised by Professor Anthea Butler, Professor Donovan Schaefer)
  • The Bible, Ancient Judaism and the History of Biblical Interpretation (supervised by Professor Steve Weitzman)
  • Islamic history and thought (supervised by Professor Jamal Elias, Professor Megan Eaton Robb)

The content and methodological component of each student’s course of study within their chosen field is determined in close consultation with members of the faculty. Our departmental approach to Religious Studies is primarily from a historical perspective, although we are interested in contemporary issues in Religious Studies, utilizing a variety of methodologies within the field of Religious Studies. Our program is designed to maximize the educational experience, employability, and versatility of our doctoral students. At present, an MA degree is awarded to PhD students who have completed the examination process. Please note that our department does not offer ministerial degrees or training.