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Placement Exams

Online Placement Exams in French and Spanish

If you are continuing Spanish or French study that was begun elsewhere, either in middle school, high school or at another college or university, you must take the online placement exam.

To take the French placement exam, click here.

To take the Spanish placement exam, click here.

For more information, see the French placement or Spanish placement page.

Department Written and Transfer Placement Exams in French, Spanish, and Italian

The following students are eligible to take the Department Placement Examinations in Spanish, French, and Italian:

  • students who wish to take the placement examination in Italian
  • students who scored above 546 on the Spanish Online Placement Examination
  • students who scored above 428 on the French Online Placement Examination
  • students who wish to take the Transfer Credit Examination

For more information, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator.