SAS Voluntary Furlough and Voluntary Separation Programs

The School of Arts and Sciences will offer Voluntary Furlough and Voluntary Separation opportunities to eligible staff in the School. Read more about program requirements, decision guides, and election forms.

SAS Request for Staff Member Campus Access during Remote Work Period

SAS Supervisors who need a staff member to have recurring access to campus for work purposes must complete this form.

Penn Guide to Return to Work

Those who return to campus in any capacity must follow the Penn COVID-19 prevention guidelines outlined in the Penn Guide to Return to Work:

Professional Development Training: is now Linked-In Learning:

You can now access LinkedIn Learning at with your PennKey and password.

Penn Employee Solution Center

The Penn Employee Solution Center is part of Penn’s Human Capital Management Transformation Initiative to improve our people-centered services and provide consistent, up-to-date responses to the Penn community's questions.You can call the Solution Center at 215-898-7372 or for questions about the following areas:

  • Compensation
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Leave (PTO, FMLA, disability)
  • Payroll
  • Retiree email support
  • Time reporting and eTime
  • Tuition benefits

To learn more about the HCM Transformation initiative, visit   

Tasty Treats: A Tasty Way to Say Thank You!

Available for pick-up in an Arts and Sciences branded cup:

  TREAT                                     MESSAGE
  Starbursts:                               You're a STAR in SAS!
  Reese's Cups:                         Have I told you REESEntly 
                                                          how much you're appreciated?!
  Chocolate Chip Cookies:        Thanks for Chipping in!
  Mars/Milky Way                       You are Out of this World!
  Lifesaver                                 Thanks for being a Lifesaver!
  M & M's                                   Many and Many thanks for all you do!
  Swedish Fish                          You are o-FISH-ally the best! Thank you!

See the full website:

There are two ways to obtain tasty treats for distribution. You can either purchase some of the treats and be reimbursed or certain treats are available at selected pick up locations. You can order and pick up treats in an SAS branded cup at specified locations by submitting a Tasty Recognition Treats Request Form:

Automated Email Job Alerts for Careers@Penn

Simplify your internal job search with job alerts from Penn Human Resources. Visit to sign up and receive an automated email whenever new positions matching your criteria are posted. 

Free nutrition sessions with a registered dietitian through your health plan

Did you know that you’re eligible to receive free nutrition counseling sessions under your Penn health plan?  You can receive tailored nutritional guidance conveniently at SAS with on-site registered dietitians, who will provide nutrition counseling and education on topics such as weight management, hypertension, pre-diabetes/diabetes, high cholesterol, healthy pregnancy/breastfeeding, and other important health issues.

SAS Human Resources has scheduled registered dietitians to be on-site every Friday starting April 8 at 3600 Market in Suite 501. 

Contact the dietitians directly to schedule an appointment, (reference SAS Upenn):
By email:
By phone: 267-239-5637

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The staff of the School of Arts and Sciences is committed to the following objectives in support of our academic mission:

  • To add value. We will add value to our jobs, departments, programs and the School overall by establishing administrative effectiveness and efficiency, by maintaining the highest level of knowledge in our particular field, and by collaborating and working with others to ensure best practices.
  • To find solutions to operational challenges. We will embrace change and push to find innovative and imaginative solutions to difficult problems. We will challenge the status quo when necessary and will commit to a solution based approach to problem solving. 
  • To prepare the School for tomorrow. We will help build the infrastructure necessary for the School to grow and flourish in the changing world of higher education. We will recruit and retain the very best staff to increase our flexibility and response to unforeseen challenges ahead.