Philosophy IB

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) is launching an important initiative aimed to elevate and strengthen our overall organizational effectiveness. More specifically, SAS intends to enrich the existing organizational culture by refining its staff selection process, on-boarding process to ensure new staff hires receive effective information, and career development tools. This SAS-sponsored initiative will be led by a cross-functional Steering Committee of staff within the School. The Steering Committee will work with the management consulting firm Philosophy IB (PIB). Some SAS staff will be invited to contribute to the initiative by participating in an interview process so PIB can obtain information on the current organizational culture.

Our Project Objectives:

Build a high-performance employee culture at SAS by:

• Improving the status of SAS as employer of choice
• Increasing the number of highly qualified people who apply to SAS
• Ensuring selection of the most qualified and motivated candidates for staff positions
• Establishing a robust on-boarding program to position new staff hires for career success
• Training & equipping new and current staff for ongoing career success

Outputs of this initiative are planned to be completed by December 2011. If you have any specific questions in advance of these outcomes being available or are interested in more information, please contact Rebecca Ross at