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Penn Summer is your chance to take courses offered by Penn on-campus, online and around the world. Enroll with Penn during the summer to accelerate your academic or professional goals while keeping your summer plans.

Penn Undergraduates

Penn Undergraduates

Penn Summer provides you with the flexibility to continue engaging with your faculty and programs wherever you plan to spend the summer.

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Visiting Undergraduates

Visiting Undergraduates

Students from across the US enroll at Penn during the summer to engage with our faculty and take advantage of all Penn has to offer.

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High School Students

High School Students

Discover academic life at Penn and prepare yourself for success in higher education.

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International Students

International Students

Top students from around the world come together to study with Penn during the summer. Join them and experience one of the world's leading universities.

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Penn employees and other working professionals

Penn Employees and Working Professionals

Summer is a chance to take a course and learn something new about your work or your passion. Enroll as a visiting undergraduate and enjoy an intellectually stimulating summer.

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Penn Alumni

Penn Alumni

Get immediate access through easy enrollment into our visiting undergraduate program, and have access to all that Penn Summer has to offer.

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More than 300 courses

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