Working Papers

Household Labor Search, Spousal Insurance, and Health Care Reform

(Previously circulated as "Household Labour Supply and Health Care Reform".)
Joint with Hanming Fang. Revise and resubmit, Econometrica. NBER Working Paper No. 26350. This version October 2019.


Optimal Taxation, Marriage, Home Production, and Family Labour Supply

Joint with George-Levi Gayle. Published in Econometrica, 2019, vol. 87(1), pages 291-326.

Equilibrium Search and Tax Credit Reform

Published in International Economic Review, 2017, vol. 58(4), pages 1047-1088.

Comparing Charitable Fundraising Schemes: Evidence from a Field Experiment and a Structural Model

Joint with Steffen Huck and Imran Rasul. Published in American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2015, vol. 7(2), pages 326-69.

Employment, Hours of Work and the Optimal Taxation of Low Income Families

Joint with Richard Blundell. Published in Review of Economic Studies, 2012, vol. 79(2), pages 481-510.

Means Testing and Tax Rates on Earnings

Joint with Mike Brewer and Emmanuel Saez. Published in Mirrlees, J., Adam, S., Besley, T., Blundell, R., Bond, S., Chote, R., Gammie, M., Johnson, P., Myles, G. and Poterba, J. (eds), Dimensions of Tax Design: The Mirrlees Review (2009), Oxford: Oxford University Press for the Institute for Fiscal Studies.


FORTAX is a UK microsimulation tax project. It is centred around the development of the FORTAX library, a micro-simulation tax library. It represents an on-going research project that aims to provide researchers the ability to calculate detailed representations of the UK tax and transfer systems over time, incorporating the complicated rules and interactions.

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