English 330: Introduction to Renaissance Studies

Spring 1997
Professor Rebecca Bushnell

Section VIII: The New Church


Dr. Faustus

(I. 164, II. 177k)

Title pages of Dr. Faustus. The first is the "A" text (1604) and the second is the "B" text (1616). The third button links to a comparison of the final moments in the A and B texts.

Foxe's Martyrs

I. II.
(I. 365k, II. 368k)

Two wood cuts from John Foxe's Acts and Monuments of These Latter and Perilous Days, (1563), also known as The Book of Martyrs. The first images is of the burning of a martyr, the second is of a martyr being tortured on the rack.


I. II. III. IV. V. VI.
(I. 123k, II. 216k, III. 121k, IV. 208k, V. 119k, VI. 192k)

These are from Whitney's Choice of Emblemes. Included are a view of the full page and a closeup of the woodcut alone for the emblems of "Death" (I, II), "The Tongue" (III,IV), and "The Mind" (V, VI). [Larger versions of I. (201k), II. (327k), III. (209k), IV. (344k), V. (471k), VI. (339k).]

Catholic & Anti-Catholic Images

I. II. III. V.
(I. 365k, II. 554k, III. 451k, IV. 304k, V. 556k)

The first image (I) is "Sir Thomas More" (I) by Hans Holbein (1527). The second and third are of "Edward VI and the Pope"; (II) is the full image, (III) is a detail. The fourth and fifth are of a defaced church window; (IV) is a full fiew, (V) is a detail. [Larger versions of II. (333k), IV. (204k).]

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