English 330: Introduction to Renaissance Studies

Spring 1997
Professor Rebecca Bushnell

Section VII: The New Family


I. II.
(I. 555k, II. 756k)

"Arthur Capel, 1st Baron Capel, and his Family" (c. 1641) by Cornelius Johnson (1593-1661). The first image (I) is the full painting; the second (II) is a detail of the garden in the upper right hand corner.

I. II.
(I. 329k, II. 386k)

The family of Sir Thomas More. The first image is a sketch; the second is a painted version of the sketch. [Larger versions: I. (472k), II. (359k)]

I. II.
(I. 665k, II. 103k)

Above are two paintings by Van Dyck of the family of Charles I. The first is "The Children of Charles I"; the second is "Charles I with his Family." [Larger version of I. (257k); Larger version of II. (221k)]

(427k) A deathbed portrait [Larger version (230k)]


Prince Henry.


Lady Sidney and her family.


The family of Henry VIII. [Larger version (403k);.]

The Reproductive System


(I. 197k, II. 222k, III. 184K)

The first two images are from Helikiah Crooke's Microcosmographia: A Descriptions of the Body of Man (1615): the first (I) is a depiction of the female reproductive organs, the second (II) of the male. The third image (III) is a depiction of a uterus from another early anatomy book. [Larger versions: I. (358k), II. (418k)]

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