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Hatfield PhD Graduates

    1. Arthur Weissman, Environmental Change from the Perspectives of Aesthetics and Geomorphology, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, JHU, 1982 (181 pp.). (De facto supervisor.)
      Dr. Weisman is President and CEO of Green Seal, Inc.

    2. Lawrence A. Shapiro, Representational Content in Cognitive Psychology, 1992 (245 pp.).
      Dr. Shapiro is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin--Madison.

    3. Blake Dutton, Descartes' Theistic Metaphysics in Its Scholastic Context, 1993 (212 pp.). Co-supervised.
      Dr. Dutton is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University, Chicago.

    4. Lanier Anderson, The Influence of Perspective: An Interpretation and Defense of Nietzsche's Epistemology, 1993 (410 pp.). Co-supervised.
      Dr. Anderson is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University.

    5. Alison Simmons, Making sense: The Problem of Phenomenal Qualities in Late Scholastic Aristotelianism and Descartes, 1994 (343 pp.).
      Dr. Simmons is Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University.

    6. Lisa Shabel, Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics, 1998 (278 pp.).
      Dr. Shabel is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Ohio State University.

    7. Peter Schwartz, Function, Dysfunction, and Disease in Biology and Medicine, 1999 (389 pp.).
      Dr. Schwartz, who also received the M.D., pursued his residency at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and was half-time in the Department of Philosophy, Boston University, 2001-04. He is now in the Medical School at Indiana University, and teaches part-time in philosophy at IUPUI.

    8. Gary Purpura, Comparing Animals: How to Investigate the Uniqueness of the Human Mind, 1999 (192 pp.).
      Dr. Purpura is an Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences at Penn.

    9. Anya Plutynski, Modeling Evolution, 2001 (275 pp.).
      Dr. Plutynski now teaches at Washington University in St. Louis.

    10. Marc Cohen, Self-Interpretation and Emotion, 2002 (193 pp.).
      Dr. Cohen is Associate Professor of Business and Philosophy at Seattle University.

    11. Allison Crapo, Making It External: Continu'd and Distinct Body in Hume's Treatise on Human Nature, 2003 (162 pp.).
      Dr. Crapo has obtained the J.D. and is now Attorney Of Counsel at the National Center for Youth Law, San Francisco.

    12. Morgan Wallhagen, Attention to Consciousness, 2004 (371 pp.).
      Dr. Wallhagen now teaches for the Stanford University Online High School.

    13. Yumiko Inukai, The Bundling of the Self: The Empirical Basis for the Unity of the Self in Hume and James, 2005 (202 pp.).
      Dr. Inukai is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

    14. Jeffrey Scarborough, Perception in Action, 2005 (223 pp.).
      Dr. Scarborough teaches in the Stanford University Online High School.

    15. Scott Edgar, Anti-Psychologism, Objectivity, and the Marburg School Neo-Kantians, 2008.
      Dr. Edgar is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada.

    16. Louise Daoust, Seeing Things as We Do: Ecological Psychology and the Normativity of Visual Perception, 2017.
      Dr. Daoust is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida.

    17. Devin Sanchez Curry, How Beliefs are Like Colors, 2018.
      After a year as Visiting Assistant Professor and Perry-Williams Postdoctoral Fellow at Wooster College, Ohio, Dr. Curry is now Assistant Professor of Philosophy at West Virginia University.

    18. Nabeel Hamid, Being and the Good: Natural Teleology in Early Modern German Philosophy, 2018.
      Dr. Hamid is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University, Montreal.

    19. Jordan Taylor, Actually Embodied Emotions, 2018.
      Dr. Taylor has a postdoctoral position as a Full-Time Lecturer in the Critical Writing Program at Penn.

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