Instructor: Henry Towsner
Office: 4N51
Office Hours: TBA
Office Phone: (215) 898-8474

This year, Topics in Logic will focus on the application of logic to graph theory. Time permitting, topics covered will include random graphs, ultraproducts, Loeb measure, VC dimension/NIP theories, and (model-theoretic) stability.

The course will use Towsner's in-progress notes on the subject. Since these notes are currently being edited, they will be updated and expanded as the semester goes on.

The course will touch on ideas from a variety of subfields, particularly logic, graph theory, and probability, but will not assume familiarity with any of them.

Coursework will consist of homework assignments due every other week.

The first day of class is January 22nd. In place of class on the 17th, there is a video.