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Phishing for CashPro Passwords

[image of fishing hook]

A new "phishing" attack has targeted Penn. The phishing email claims, "This email is being sent to inform you that you have been granted a new digital certificate for use with Bank of America CashPro. Online." In actuality, the links in the email actually go to tostiabbigliamento.com! It is an attempt to get you to reveal your Bank of America or American Express credentials. Don't fall for the con game!

Things You Really Need to Know about Canvas

Canvas is a great way to post course materials online, to collect assignments, and to communicate with your students.

Students use high tech equipment and analysis to study motion

Larry Rome and John MacDermott introduce students to cutting-edge motion analysis technology. Three biomechanics students share their eye-opening videos.

When the Matrix was first released, the slow motion shots of Neo, the hero, leaping mid-air through fields of bullets, quickly became iconic. Imagine having access to a camera, in class nonetheless, that could slow time to a fraction of those shots.

Managing your Documents: Solutions for SAS Faculty & Staff

SAS Computing has solutions to help you keep your digital documents accessible, secure and organized.

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