Starting on Wednesday morning, May 20th at 7:00am, users of Android devices will need to update their wireless connection settings in order to access AirPennNet or Eduroam. This is because of a configuration change that ISC has to make to the authentication servers for AirPennNet. The devices that will be affected include things like Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. Users of devices with other operating systems (ie Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Linux) will not be affected. 

To update their wireless connection settings, Android users will need to connect to the AirPennNet Help network to update. Click here for information how to use AirPennNet Help.

If you are unsure whether your device will be affected, or if you need help updating your device, please contact your LSP

System Status

On Weds. 5/20 Android users will need to reconfigure their WiFi settings to continue to access AirPennNet.