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Center for Ancient Studies
University of Pennsylvania
The Center for Ancient Studies (CAS) strives to bring together Penn faculty and students, as well as members of the greater Philadelphia community, who share a passion for the ancient world. Our Center aims to model an expansive and global vision of "the ancient world," spanning Greco-Roman cultures and the Near East but also Asia, Africa, and the Americas. CAS is based on the idea that scholars of antiquity can benefit immeasurably from contact and conversation with each other across different areas and disciplines. Our mission is thus to support a broad variety of academic events pertaining to pre-modern cultures and societies. Every year, we host a major Annual Symposium on a theme or questions of cross-cultural concern in the fall and an interdisciplinary Graduate Colloquium in the spring. We also co-sponsor many lectures, conferences, and workshops across campus.

In addition, we compile a weekly e-newsletter of events of interest at Penn, in Philadelphia, and across the region. If you would like to subscribe to this digest, please send a message to: cas.upenn@gmail.com with the word Subscribe as the subject of the email and include your full name and affiliation in the body of the message. Unless otherwise requested, the email address from which you sent the message will be added to our list.

For daily updates on events at Penn and elsewhere, follow us on Twitter @CAS_Penn or like our Facebook page.