Against Gravity

Mohsen Keyhanpoor and Shaghayegh Torkzaban

A Study of Understanding the Architectural Landscape and Construction Technology in a Complex of Historical Tombs from the Thirteenth Century
Architecture structural Knowledge had a logical process during the time, that beside its sustainable and repeatable nature it also experienced many innovative features. Certainly, lots of factors had effected this innovative process including economical, Geographical (Climatic), technical knowledge, cultural, aesthetic and in some cases even the most famous and successful constructions from a certain time. Regarding to this issue there are also some constructions that despite all their similarities in contemporaneously, material, usage, and climate, they shaped out in many different methods of design, architecture, and decorations.

With considering these similarities and all other common factors in buildings, here the point is that what is the source of these concepts, construction, and decoration differences in inside and outside of the buildings? This question was studied in an adobe architectural construction so called a complex of historical tombs from the thirteenth century located in the city of Jalgh, Saravan County from Balouchestan region in Iran. What can be pointed out, as an acceptable respond to this issue is that the former architects noticing the concepts like perspective, understanding the material and building structural behaviors, in addition to their high-level knowledge in landscape design and environment had used structural and constructional technologies to develop the design progress.