Fall 2019 Permits: If you're seeking a permit, you must receive the instructor's written permission to join the class. The anthropology department can only issue permits to ANTH sections, and only with the instructor's permission. Permits may be issued after course selection opens on April 10, 2019. After you receive permission, please forward it to the undergraduate coordinator (if you're an undergraduate student) or the graduate coordinator (if you're a graduate student). 


The Department of Anthropology strives to develop teaching programs for undergraduates that reflect the current state of Anthropology and its relationship to other disciplines and contemporary society. The Department emphasizes the integration of Anthropology’s subfields. Following this philosophy, the Anthropology major is designed to encourage students to experience the full breadth of the discipline, while providing flexibility to design a course of study best suited to their individual needs and interests. Our majors have moved successfully into a wide range of professions and the holders of postgraduate degrees have distinguished themselves by their contributions to scholarship and service.


Dr. Katherine Moore is the Undergraduate Chair.

Phone: 215-898-6306

Email: kmmoore@sas.upenn.edu

Office: Museum 338 and Zooarchaeology Laboratory, Museum 161


Ruth Styles is the Undergraduate Coordinator. 

Phone: 215-746-0418

Email: rstyles@sas.upenn.edu

Office: Museum 323