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I sketch aspects of Big Data, the phenomenon, the term, and the discipline, with emphasis on origins of the term, in industry and academics, in computer science and statistics/econometrics. Big Data the phenomenon continues unabated, Big Data the term is now firmly entrenched, and Big Data the discipline is emerging.

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"Entering the Pandemic: The Joint Progression of  COVID-19 and Economic Growth in the U.S.", Penn 60-Second Lecture,  9/30/2020. Well, it’s actually 5 minutes…

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Statistical issues emerge as central to risk measurement, but economic issues of incentives and strategic behavior emerge as central for risk management, as we illustrate in a variety of contexts.

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Understanding Rob Engle's 2003 Nobel Prize in Economics.  Volatility and correlation modeling in financial markets.  What happened and why.

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Describes the potential of realized volatility methods, in conjunction with modern high-frequency data, for measuring asset return volatilities and correlations.  Introduces the volatility signature plot for detecting and mitigating the effects of microstructure noise.

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General equilibrium models useful for forecasting?!  Lots of people think this article is naive, or just plain wrong.   Time will tell...

Diebold, F.X., (Circa 2015-16) Tennis match dynamic graphics