Holger Sieg


Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • Sieg, H. and C. Yoon (2022). Electoral Accountability and Control in U.S. Cities. Journal of Political Economy, 130 (11), 2985-3023.

  • Epple, D., Quintero, L. and H. Sieg (2020). A New Approach to Estimating Hedonic Equilibrium Models for Metropolitan Housing Markets. Journal of Political Economy, 128 (3), 948-983.

  • Sieg, H. and C. Yoon (2017). Estimating Dynamic Games of Electoral Competition to Evaluate Term Limits in U.S. Gubernatorial Elections. American Economic Review, 107 (7), 1824-1857.

  • Cestau D., Epple D. and H. Sieg (2017). Admitting Students to Selective Education Programs: Merit, Profiling, and Affirmative Action. Journal of Political Economy, 125 (3), 761-797.

  • Brinkman J., Coen-Pirani D. and H. Sieg (2015). Firm Dynamics in an Urban Economy. International Economic Review, 56 (4), 1135-1164.

  • Epple, D., Gordon, B. and H. Sieg (2010). A New Approach to Estimating the Production Function for Housing. American Economic Review, 100 (3), 905-924.

  • Epple, D., Romano R. and H. Sieg (2006). Admission, Tuition, and Financial Aid Policies in the Market for Higher Education. Econometrica, 74 (4), 885-928.

  • Sieg, H., Smith, V. K., Banzhaf, S. and R. Walsh (2004). Estimating the General Equilibrium Benefits of Large Changes in Spatially Delineated Public Goods. International Economic Review, 45 (4), 1047-1077.

  • Auten, G., Sieg, H. and C. Clotfelter (2002). Charitable Giving, Income, and Taxes: An Analysis of Panel Data. American Economic Review, 92 (1), 371-382.

  • Epple, D., Romer, T. and H. Sieg (2001). Interjurisdictional Sorting and Majority Rule: An Empirical Analysis. Econometrica, 2001, 69 (6), 1437-1466.

  • Sieg, H. (2000). Estimating a Bargaining Model with Asymmetric Information: Evidence from Medical Malpractice Disputes. Journal of Political Economy, 108 (5), 1006-1021.

  • Epple, D. and H. Sieg (1999). Estimating Equilibrium Models of Local Jurisdictions. Journal of Political Economy, 107 (4), 645-681.

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