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Chemistry 507

Instructor: Dr. Susan Phillips & Dusty Carroll

Objectives of the class:

1. Establish understanding of the principles of molecular spectroscopy
2. Broaden knowledge of the many types of molecular spectroscopy in use today
3. To gain awareness of the ways in which various spectroscopic techniques are applied in society.

Course Assignments:
Description/ Skill demonstrated:
Explanation of lightbulb demo & associated spectra
DEMO: CFL & Incandescent lightbulbs & their emission spectra
Determination of Rydberg constant Lab
LAB: Graphical determination of the Rydberg constant using emission peaks for the Balmer series
Spec 20 Lab
Spec 20 drawing
LAB: Introduction to the Spec 20
Thiocyano-iron (III) Lab
LAB: Studying the equilbrium for the formation of the thiocyano-iron (III) complex using absorption spectroscopy.
Fluorescent Whitening Agents
PROJECT: Fluorescent Whitening Agents