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Assessment Rubric
Welcome to my e-portfolio! 

I am a chemistry teacher at Cresskill High School in New Jersey.  I began teaching at CHS in 2003 while obtaining an alternate route certification, and the
2009-2010 year will be my seventh year teaching (whoo hoo!).  I currently teach Academic Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry courses, in addition to co-advising the class of 2012.  My decision to enter the MCE program in May 2007 with Cohort 8 was born out of my desire to obtain my master's degree and improve my teaching while learning in a small supportive group of my professional colleagues.  Since then, I have been significantly enriched by the wealth of resources I have encountered--personally in the relationships I have developed, professionally in the practices and research I've been exposed to, and scientifically in the top-notch science content instruction I have received.  I have been challenged to re-evaluate my perspective and practices, and while the process has often been messy and occasionally painful, I feel that I am more aware of what I need to change and how I can change to continually improve as an educator. 

While the process of evolution and growth will no doubt continue outside of the program, this e-portfolio is a reflective collection of work designed to assess how I have grown as a learner, teacher, and leader as a result of my participation in Cohort 8 (2007-2010) of the MCE program.  Specifically, I would like to show how I have changed my understanding and application of the following three areas: increased science content knowledge and application, increased science education knowledge and application, and increased technological ability.
Thank you, and enjoy!
Each of the 11 rubric requirements is linked to the related reflection.  Please note the links at the top of each reflection page--they will help you navigate through the e-portfolio more comfortably:
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1. Comprehension of Content Enduring Understandings

2. Use of Accurate Scientific Language

3. Synthesis of Scientific Concepts Across Courses

4. Application of Scientific Concepts

5. Use of New Content Knowledge in Designing Instruction

6. Understanding of Science Education Theory and Literature

7. Reflective Practice

8. Use of New Pedagogical Knowlege in Designing Instruction

9. Use of New Pedagogical Knowlege in Designing Assessment

10. Leadership

11. Integration of Available and Appropriate Technology into Teaching Practice