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Kraljic, T. & Brennan, S.E. (2005). Prosodic disambiguation of syntactic structure: For the speaker or for the addressee? Cognitive Psychology, 50(2), 194-231.  [pdf]

Kraljic, T. & Samuel, A.G. (2005). Perceptual learning for speech: Is there a return to normal? Cognitive Psychology, 51, 141-178. [pdf]

Kraljic, T. & Samuel, A.G. (2006). Generalization in perceptual learning for speech. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 13(2), 262-268. [pdf]

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Kraljic, T., Brennan, S.E., & Samuel, A.G. (2008). Accommodating variation: Dialects, idiolects, and speech processing. Cognition, 107(1), 51-81.[pdf]

Kraljic, T., Samuel, A.G., & Brennan, S.E. (2008). First impressions and last resorts: How listeners adjust to speaker variability. Psychological Science, 19(4), 332-338. [pdf]

Emmorey, K., Bosworth, R. & Kraljic, T. (in press). Visual feedback and self-monitoring
of sign language. Journal of Memory and Language.

Samuel, A.G. & Kraljic, T. (in press). Perceptual learning for speech. Attention, Perception and



Links to Posters

Kraljic, T., Samuel, A.G., Liu, S. & de la Piedad, X. (2004). Are both languages of a bilingual automatically activated by spoken input? Poster presented at the 45th Annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Minneapolis, MN. [pdf]

Kraljic, T., Brennan, S.E., & Samuel, A.G. (2006). Perceptual Adjustments: All pronunciations are not created equal. Poster presented at the 47th Annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Houston, TX. [pdf]

Kraljic, T., Siu, Y. & Ferreira, V.S. (2008). Rapid effects of linguistic alignment on communication.
Poster presented at the 14th Annual Conference on Architectures and Mechanisms for
Language Processing, Cambridge, UK. [pdf]