Noah Benson, Ph. D.

Depts. of Psychology & Neurology
University of Pennsylvania


I'm a post-doctoral researcher in the Brainard and Aguirre labs at the University of Pennsylvania. I study vision and its neural correlates, especially in relation to age-related macular degeneration. My graduate work (2005-2010) was in mathematical biology at the University of Washington with Valerie Daggett. I studied algorithms for the comparison, searching, data-mining, and analysis, of protein simulations. My undergraduate degrees were in computer science, mathematics, and biology (with emphasis on algorithms and biochemistry) from Purdue University (2001-2005). For more professional information, please see my curriculum vitae.

Aside from research, I am very interested in social psychology, music, and music theory, languages and linguistics, civil rights, logic and ethical philosophy, queer theory, and many other nerdy topics. I have also done part-time consulting work with the Relationship Research Institute, a mathematical psychology not-for-profit research branch of the Gottman Institute in Seattle.

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