Section 3: Subroutines (library)

intro - introduction to library subroutines
abs - integer absolute value
atod - analog-to-digital converter user functions
atof, atoi - convert ASCII to numbers
chclip - change clip boundaries for a top picture
chpar - change visual display picture parameters
clock - programmable clock user functions
color - define color lookup table for MEGAPIC graphics
conv - character translation
ctype - character classification
d_intcol - change the default intensity or color in MEGAPIC graphics
dmaad - DMA analog-to-digital converter user routines
dmada - DMA digital-to-analog converter user routines
dmasound - DMA D/A sound user routines
dtoa - digital-to-analog converter user functions
dump - halt the satellite
ecvt, fcvt - output conversion
end, etext, edata - last locations in programs
errexit - output and error message and exit
exch - interactively inspect and change values in an integer array
fclose, fflush - close or flush a stream
fcreate - create and open a satellite file for writing
ferror, feof, clearerr, fileno - stream status inquires
fopen, freopen, fdopen - open a stream
fread, fwrite - buffered binary input/output
frexp, ldexp, modf - split into mantissa and exponent
fseek, ftell, rewind - reposition a stream
getc, getchar, fgetc, getw - get character or word from stream
getdev, gettype, makefd, settype - file descriptor manipulation
getint, bgint, getfloat, bgefloat, getyn, bgetyn, getfname, bgetfname - request and read integer, floating point, yes/no, or filename
gets, fgets - get a string from a stream
ibuf - digital input buffer user functions
inumber - request and return an integer value
malloc, free, realloc, calloc - main memory allocator
mginit - initialize MEGAPIC display-list with new top picture maximum
mkpar, mkparl, mkparv- make complex visual display pictures with parameters
mkpic, mkpicv - make complex pictures
mkpnt - make a basic picture of points
mkseg - make a basic picture composed of line segments
mktext - build a basic picture of MEGATEK characters
mktop - make top pictures
mkvchar, vfopen, vfclose - build a basic picture of vector characters
mkvec, mkvecl, mkvecv - make a basic picture composed of vectors
nrand - returns a random integer within a specific range
obuf - digital output buffer user functions
origin - reset the display screen origin
printf, fprintf, sprintf - output formatters
putc, putchar, fputc, putw - put character or word on a stream
puts, fputs - put a string on a stream
qsort - quicker sort
rand, srand - random number generator
refresh - set visual display refresh rate
reorder - randomly reorder the elements of a one-dimensional array
rmvrst - temporarily remove and restore a picture
scanf, fscanf, sscanf - formatted input conversion
setbuf - assign buffering to a stream
setjmp - non-local goto
stdio - standard buffered input/output package
string - string operations
system - issue a shell command to the host
tapbox - tap detection via dual-channel tap encoder
tmatrix - chmatrix, bldmatrix, cpmatrix - change, build, and copy HCRST matrix
tone, toneon, toneoff - tone generation routines
ungetc - push character back into input stream
vad, vers, ver - add to and erase components of the visual display
vkey - voice key for detecting speech