60-Second Lectures

The 60-Second Lectures have been a Penn Arts & Sciences tradition since 2003. Prior to the pandemic, you could find the School’s faculty on College Green every spring and fall, taking a minute to share their perspectives on topics that ranged from lost medieval words to unequal life chances to the ever-present threat of climate change.

As the world faced unprecedented challenges in 2020, the series went virtual and gave scholars an opportunity to share insight and expertise on the global COVID-19 pandemic and the enduring legacy of racism in two special series of the 60-Second Lectures, 60-Second Lectures: In Quarantine and What Happens to a Dream Deferred: 60-Second Lectures on Racial Injustice.

Featured Lectures

Special 60 Second Lectures

The 60-Second Lectures: In Quarantine series explored the complex social, cultural, historical, and economic issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the video library here.

60-Second Lectures on Racial Injustice.
This set of short talks spotlights the history and contemporary manifestations of racism in the U.S., Black lives and culture, and the range of factors that have contributed to this moment.

1.5 Minute Climate Lectures to sound the alarm about the climate emergency, to call for large-scale climate action, and to share a vision of constructive and comprehensive response. 

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