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On April 12, 2018, the Power of Penn Arts & Sciences fundraising campaign was announced by the Board of Overseers. Launched in conjunction with the University’s Power of Penn campaign, it aims to raise $550 million for the School of Arts and Sciences.

“This campaign will support the foundation that makes Penn Arts and Sciences great—our outstanding students and faculty—as well as allow us to invest in the innovative research and teaching that advances the frontiers of knowledge,” says Steven J. Fluharty, Dean and Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Professor of Psychology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience. “I’m impressed and inspired by the work our faculty and students do every day, and I’m eager to see where the campaign will take us.”

The Power of Penn Arts & Sciences will prioritize advancing faculty distinction and realizing student potential, focusing on strengthening a diverse group of dynamic, collaborative scholars and promoting access and opportunity through expanded resources for students at all levels. The campaign will also enhance research and learning programs to address pressing challenges, from creating a sustainable plant and harnessing the power of the brain, to exploring the human experience and driving global change. These innovative programs involve faculty and students from the humanities and natural and social sciences, as well as collaboration across disciplines and community engagement.

Michael Price, W’79, Overseer, and Power of Penn Arts & Sciences campaign chair, says, “The campaign focuses on advancing big ideas and furthering the innovative thinking at Penn. I know our students and faculty are excited by these challenges. Time and time again, they have shown me that Penn Arts and Sciences is a dynamic, forward-looking, and boundary-pushing place.”

The University’s last campaign, Making History, concluded in 2013. In that campaign, Penn Arts and Sciences raised $529 million for the School’s priorities.

The University will celebrate the launch of the Power of Penn with events around the country. To learn more, visit


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