The College Alumni Mentoring Series (CAMS) hosts a variety of programs throughout the year, including small mentoring meals and large, themed roundtable dinners, to give students an opportunity to learn from College alumni and understand how their academic paths may lead to a variety of career possibilities.
(L) Nancy Cordes; (R) Allex Bellos
(L) Nancy Cordes, C’95; (R) Alex Bellos, C’06

Roundtable Dinner: No Coding Required – Careers in Tech

College alumni who have made their careers working at technology companies shared how their liberal arts education has shaped their professional lives and answered questions about the types of expertise tech companies need.

Alumni participants were Ben Cheatham, C’95, Senior Partner, Quantum Black/McKinsey & Company; Danielle DeBroeck, C’13, Corporate Strategy and Development Manager, Microsoft; Jennifer Maurer C’01, Senior Director, Customer Engagement Marketing, Comcast (pictured above); Caroline McCaffery, C’96, CEO and Co-Founder, ClearOPS, Inc.; Nancy Ngo, C’07, Strategic and Executive Communications, GTS North America Employee Communications, IBM; and Ian Seltzer, C’09, Director of Content and Business Development, Rogue Sports.

CAMS Mentoring Meal with Nancy Cordes, C’95, Chief Congressional Correspondent, CBS News

As CBS News’ Chief Congressional Correspondent, Nancy Cordes, C’95, contributes to all CBS news broadcasts and platforms. In this role, Cordes has reported on major stories such as the rise of the Tea Party, the battle over former President Obama’s health care law, the debt ceiling, and fiscal cliff negotiations in Washington, D.C. She was a key part of CBS News’ coverage of the 2008 and 2010 congressional elections and traveled with the Obama campaign during the network’s coverage of the 2012 elections.

CAMS Lunch with Alex Bellos, C’06, President, West Elm

In his role as President of West Elm, Alex Bellos, C’06, is responsible for the merchandising, product development, inventory management, creative services, visual merchandising, brand finance, and operations of the brand. He began his career as a strategy consultant developing merchandising and growth transformation strategies for national retailers across a variety of market segments.