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How to use virtual backgrounds on Zoom

Virtual Background 1 - Cohen HallClaudia Cohen Hall  Download Image 

Virtual Background 2 - College Hall IllustrationCollege Hall Illustration Download Image 
Virtual Background 3 - College Hall PhotoCollege Hall 1   Download Image 
Virtual Background 4 - College Hall Photo College Hall 2   Download Image 
Virtual Background 5 - Architectural DetailArchitectural Detail 1   Download Image 
Virtual Background 5 - Architectural Detail 2Architectural Detail 2   Download Image 
Virtual Background 7 - Architectural Detail 3Architectural Detail 3  Download Image 
Virtual Background 8 - Architectural Detail 4Architectural Detail 4 Download Image 
Virtual Background  9 - Fisher-Bennett HallFisher-Bennett Hall  Download Image 
Virtual Background 10 - Levin BuildingLevin Building   Download Image

Virtual Background 10 - Love Statue IllustrationLove Statue Illustration   Download Image

Virtual Background 11 - Love Statue PhotoLove Statue   Download Image

Virtual Background 12 - Perelman QuadPerelman Quad   Download Image

Virtual Background 13 - ShieldPenn Shield   Download Image

Virtual Background 14 - WindowFisher Fine Arts Library Window  Download Image

Mobile Background 1


Architectural Detail 1   Download Image

Mobile Background 2Architectural Detail 2   Download Image

Mobile Background 3Claudia Cohen Hall   Download Image
Instagram Story 1 Toast Thrower   Download image

Instagram Story 2Spring Flinger   Download Image

Instagram Story 3  Homecoming @ Home   Download Image 

Instagram Story 4Architectural Detail 1  Download Image

Instagram Story 5Architectural Detail 2   Download Image

Instagram Story 6Claudia Cohen Hall   Download Image