Open positions

The Visual Memory Laboratory is actively searching to fill two open (funded) positions. Please contact the PI, Nicole Rust, with inquires and applications, and please include a CV with your correspondence.

Postdoc, computational modeling: We are looking for a postdoc to develop classes of computational models that describe where and how visual memories are stored as well as how the percept of visual familiarity is signaled. Models include extensions of state-of-the-art descriptions of visual processing (e.g. deep neural networks) as well as more dynamic, mechanistic descriptions. To constrain these models, the researcher will interface with experimentalists in the lab who record and perturb neural signals in monkeys and tree shrews. Opportunities also exist to collaborate with the Simoncelli lab at NYU, the Yamins lab at Stanford, and with other members of the Penn Computational Neuroscience Initiative. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience, Computer Science or a related field prior to starting. The ideal candidate has extensive experience in computational modeling as well as working with behavioral and neural data.

Postdoc, tree shrew visual memory: We are looking for a postdoc to join our team of researchers invesigating the circuits supporting visual memory behavior in the tree shrew. Experiments will combine behavior, neurophysiology, and neural manipulation approaches. The ideal candidate has experience in linking neural activity and behavior via manipulation experiments and/or neurophysiology.