Archaeobotanical Reports from the Arabian Peninsula and Related Items

accumulated by Naomi F. Miller, University of Pennsylvania Museum
September 2023

Beech, Mark and Elizabeth Shepherd
2001 Archaeobotanical Evidence for Early Date Consumption on Dalma Island, United Arab Emirates. Antiquity 75: 83-89.
UAE//Dalma Island//5M

Biagi, P. and R. Nisbet
1992 Environmental History and Plant Exploitation at the Aceramic Sites of RH5 and RH6 near the Mangrove Swamp of Qurm (Muscat-Oman). In Les charbons de bois, les anciens écosystèmes et le rôle de l'Homme, ed. J.-L. Vernet. Bulletin de la Société Botanique Française 139/2-4: 571-578.
Oman//Ra's al-Hamra

Bouchaud, Charlène
2007-2008 Les pratiques alimentaires en Arabie antique. Étude archébotanique de Madâ'in Sâlih. Cahier des teèmes transversaux ArScAn IX: 235-243. [On-line]
Saudi Arabia// Madâ'in Sâlih//1M//AD

Bouchaud, Charlène
2010 Preliminary Report on the archaeobotanical remains. In Report on the First Excavation Season at Madâ'in Sâlih 2008, Saudi Arabia, eds. L. Nehmé, D. al-Talhi, and F. Villeneuve, pp. 303-31. Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia//Madâ'in Sâlih//1M//AD

Bouchaud, Charlène
2013 Exploitation végétale des oasis d'Arabie. Production, commerce et utilisation des plantes. L'exemple de Madâ'in Sâlih (Arabie Saoudite) entre le Ive siècle et le VIIe siècle apr. J.-C. Revue d'ethnoécologie 4. DOI: 10.4000/ethnoecologie.1217
Saudi Arabia//Madâ'in Sâlih//1M//AD

Bouchaud, Charlène, Vladimir Dabrowski, and Margareta Tengberg
2021 Crop processing, consumption and trade of Asian rice (Oryza sativa) in the Arabian peninsula during Antiquity: earliest evidence from Mleiha (third c. AD), United Arab Emirates. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13: 34 (2021)

Buffington, Abigail and Joy McCorriston
2018 Wood exploitation patterns and pastoralist-environment relationships: charcoal remains from Iron Age Shakal, Dhufar, Sultanate of Oman. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany.

Cartwright, C.R.
1998 Seasonal Aspects of Bronze and Iron Age Communities at Ra's al-Hadd, Oman. Environmental Archaeology 3: 97-102.
Oman//Ra's al-Hadd 6//2M//1M

Cleuziou, S. and L. Costantini
1980 Premiers élément sur l'agriculture protohistorique de l/arabie orientale. Paléorient 6: 245-251.
UAE//Hili 8//3M

Costantini, Lorenzo
1984 Plant Impressions in Bronze Age Pottery from Yemen Arab Republic. East and West n.s. 34: 107-115.

Costantini, Lorenzo
1985 Palaeoethnobotanical Investigations in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. East and West n.s. 35: 331-336.

Costantini, Lorenzo
1986 Laboratory of Bioarchaeology. East and West n.s. 36: 354-365.

Costantini, Lorenzo
1990 Ecology and Farming of the Protohistoric Communities in the Central Yemeni Highlands. In The Bronze Age Culture of Hawlan at-Tiyal and al-Hada, by Alessandro de Maigret. IsMEO, Rome.
Yemen//various sites//3M

Costantini, Lorenzo and P. Audisio
2000 Plant and Insect Remains from the Bronze Age Site of Ra's Al-Jinz (RJ-2), Sultanate of Oman. Paléorient 26/1: 143-170.
Oman// Ra's Al-Jinz//3M

Dabrowski V.
2019 Systèmes d'approvisionnement et gestion des ressources végétales en Arabie orientale aux périodes antique et islamique: approches archéobotanique et archéoentomologique. PhD dissertation, National Museum of the Natural History. Paris.
Arabia//Qal'at al-Bahreîn//Kush (UAE)//Mleiha (UAE)//Fulayj (Oman)//Qalhât(Oman)//AD

Dabrowski, Vladimir and Margareta Tengberg
2021 Archaeobotanical analysis of food and fuel procurement from Fulayj fort (Oman, 5th-8th c. CE) including earliest secure evidence for sorghum in eastern Arabia. Journal of Arid Environments 190: 104512
Oman//Fulayi fort//AD

Dabrowski, Vladimir, Margareta Tengberg, Delphine Guillemarre, and Charlène Bouchaud
2015 Analyse carpologique à Sharma : production et circulation des produits végétaux. In Sharma. Un entropôt de commerce médiéval sur la côte du Hadramawt (Yémen, ca 980-1180), ed. A. Rougeulle, pp. 417-423. Archaeopress, Oxford.

Dabrowski, Vladimir, Jérôme Ros, Margareta Tengberg, and Axelle Rougeulle
2015 De l'origine et de l'utilisation des ressources végétales en Oman médiéval : première étude archéobotanique à Qalhât. Routes de l'Orient 2: 1-13 (Revue d'archéologie de l'Orient Ancien).

Dabrowski, Vladimir, Margareta Tengberg, Thomas Creissen, and Axelle Rougeulle
2018 Plant supplying strategies in an Islamic Omani harbour city: Archaeobotanical analysis from a workshop (B39) in Qalhat (XIVth-XVIth c. AD. Journal of Islamic Archaeology 5.1: 17-38.

de Moulins, D., C. Phillips, and N. Durrani
2003 The Archaeobotanical Record of Yemen and the Question of Afro-Asian Contacts. In Progress in African Archaeobotany, Food, Fuel and Fields, eds. K. Neumann, A. Butler, and S. Kahlheber, pp. 213-228. Acta Praehist 15. Köln.

Gale, R.
1994 Charcoal from an Early Dilmoun Settlement at Saar, Bahrain. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 5: 229-235.

Kimiaie, Masoumeh and Joy McCorriston
2013 Climate, Human Palaeoecology and the Use of Fuel in Wadi Sana, Southern Yemen. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. (Online)
Yemen//Wadi Sana//6M//5M//4M

Lippi, Marta M., T. Gonnelli, and P. Pallecchi
2011 Rice Chaff in Ceramics from the Archaeological Site of Sumhuram (Dhofar, Southern Oman). Journal of Archaeological Science 38(6): 1173-1179.

Méry, Sophie and Margareta Tengberg
2009 Food for Eternity? The Analysis of a Date Offering from a 3rd Millennium BC Grave at Hili N, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Journal of Archaeological Science 36: 2012-2017.
UAE//Abu Dhabi//Hili//3M//Phoenix dactylifera

Mouton M., M. Tengberg, V. Bernard, S. Le Maguer, A. Reddy, D. Soulié, M. Le Grand, J. Goy
2012 Building H at Mleiha: new evidence of the late pre-Islamic period D phase (PIR.D) in the Oman peninsula (second to mid-third century AD). Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 42: 205-221.

Nesbitt, Mark
1993 Archaeobotanical Evidence for Early Dilmun Diet at Saar, Bahrein. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 4: 20-47. [on-line]

Peña-Chocarro, L. and E. Barron Lopez
1999 Plant Remains from the Site of Mleiha (U.A.E.). In Mleiha I- Environnement, stratégies de subsistance et artisanat, eds. R. Boucharlat and M. Mouton, pp. 63-39. Travaux de la Maison de l'Orient 29. Lyon.

Ramsay, Jennifer H.
2015 The Archaeobotanical Remains. In The 2003-2007 Excavations in the Late Roman Fort at Yotvata, eds. G. Davies and J. Magness, pp. 239-248 Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Indiana.

Ramsay, Jennifer H. and S. Thomas Parker
2016 A Diachronic Look at the Agricultural Economy at the Red Sea Port of Aila: An Archaeobotanical Case for Hinterland Production in Arid Environments. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR) 376: 101-120.

Soderstrom, Thomas R.
1969 Impressions of Cereals and Other Plants in the Pottery of Hajar Bin Humeid. In Hajar Bin Humeid. Investigations at a Pre-Islamic Site in South Arabia. Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore.
Hajar Bin Humeid //2M//1M

Tengberg, Margareta
2002 Vegetation History and Wood Exploitation in the Oman Peninsula from the Bronze Age to the Classical Period. In Charcoal Analysis, Methodological Approaches, Palaeoecological Results, and Wood Use, ed. S. Thiébault, pp. 141-145. BAR International Series 1863.
UAE//Oman//T. Abraq//T. ed-Dur//Muweilah//Mleiha//Hili 8//Bat//3M//2M//1M//AD

Tengberg, M.
1999 L'exploitation des ligneux à Mleiha-étude anthracologique. In Mleiha I- Environnement, stratégies de subsistance et artisanat, eds. R. Boucharlat and M. Mouton, pp. 71-82. Travaux de la Maison de l'Orient 29. Lyon.

Tengberg, M.
2002 Vegetation History and Wood Exploitation in the Oman Peninsula from the Bronze Age to the Classical Period. In Charcoal Analysis: Methodological Approaches; Palaeoecological Results and Wood Uses. Proceedings of the Second International Meeting of Anthracology, Paris, September 2000, ed. S. Thiébault, pp. 151-157. BAR International Series 1063. Archaeopress, Oxford. Oman//UAE//3M//2M//1M//AD

Tengberg, Margareta
2005 Les forêts de la mer. Exploitation et évolution des mangroves en Arabie orientale du néolithique à l'époque islamique. Paléorient 31(1): 39-45.

Tengberg, M. and P. Lombard
2001 Environnement et économie végétale à Qal'at al-Bahreïn aux périodes Dilmoun et Tylos, premiers éléments d'archéobotanique. Paléorient 27/1: 167-181.
Bahrein// Qal'at al-Bahreïn//3M//2M//1M

Willcox, G.
1990 The Plant Remains from Hellenistic and Bronze Age Levels at Failaka Kuwait: A Preliminary Report. In Failaka fouilles françaises 1986-1988, by Y. Calvet and J. Gachet, pp. 43-50. Maison de l'Orient, Lyon.

Willcox, G.
1995 Some Plant Impressions from Umm an-Nar Island. In The Island of Umm an-Nar: the Third Millennium Settlement, ed. K. Frifelt, pp. 257-259. Aarhus University Press.
UAE//Umm an-Nar//3M

Willcox, George and Margareta Tengberg
1995 Preliminary Report on the Archaeoboanical Investigations at Tell Abraq with Special Attention to Chaff Impressions in Mud Brick. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 6: 129-138.
UAE//T. Abraq//

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