Archaeobotanical Reports from the Levant
(Israel, Jordan, Lebanon) and Related Items

accumulated by Naomi F. Miller, University of Pennsylvania Museum
November 2022

Albert, R.M., S. Weiner, O. Bar-Yosef, and L. Meignen
2000 Phytoliths in the Middle Paleolithic deposits of Kebara Cave, Mt. Carmel, Israel: Study of the plant materials used for fuel and other purposes. Journal of Archaeological Science 27: 931-947. [ doi:10.1006/jasc.2000.0507]
Levant//Kebara Cave//Middle Paleolithic//phyto

Albert, R.M., O. Bar-Yosef, L. Meignen, and S. Weiner
2003 Quantitative Phytolith Study of Hearths from the Natufian and Middle Paleolithic Levels of Hayonim Cave (Galilee, Israel). Journal of Archaeological Science 30:461-480. [doi:10.1006/jasc.2002.0854]
Levant//Hayonim//Mid Paleo//Epipaleo//phyto

Allen, Susan E.
2002 Palaeoethnobotany: Preliminary Results. In Sha'ar Hagolan I, by Y. Garfinkel and M.A. Miller, pp. 236-246. Oxbow Books, Oxford.
Levant//Sha'ar Hagolan//7M//6M

Allué, E. and D. Griffiths
2006 Identification of wood from Bronze Age contexts at Sidon. Archaeology and History of Lebanon 24: 23-33.

Amichay, Oriya, Doron Ben-Ami, Yana Tchekhanovets, Ruth Shahack-Gross, Daniel Fuks, and Ehud Weiss
2019 A bazaar assemblage: reconstructing consumption, production and trade from mineralised seeds in Abbasid Jerusalem. Antiquity 93: 199-217.
Levant//Givati Parking Lot Site//Jerusalem//AD

Amichay, O. and E. Weiss
2020 The archaeobotanical remains. In Excavation in the Tyropoeon Valley (Giv'ati Parking Lot) Final Report II: The Byzantine and the Early Islamic Periods, eds. D. Ben-Ami and Y. Tchekhanovets, pp. 645-701. IAA Reports 66. Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem.
Levant//Giv'ati Parking Lot//AD

Asouti, E. and D. Griffiths
2003 Identification of the wood used in the construction of the "Sunken Room" at Sidon. Archaeology & History in Lebanon 18: 62-69.

Austin, P.
2007 The Wood Charcoal. In The Early Prehistory of Wadi Faynan, Southern Jordan: Evaluation of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Site of WF16 and Archaeological Surveys of Wadis Faynan, Guwayr and al Bustan, eds. B. Finlayson and S. Mithen, pp. 408-419. Council for British Research in the Levant, London.

Baas, J.
1980 Ein bedeutsamer botanischer Fund der Gattung Echium Linné aus Kamid el-Loz. In Bericht über die Ergebnisse in Kamid el-Loz in den Jähren 1968 bis 1970, ed. R. Hachmann. Pp. 111-115. Saarbrucker Beiträge zur Altertumskunde. Bonn.
Lebanon //Kamid el-Loz//Late Bronze//Echium

Baierle, H. U., W. Frey, C. Jagiella and H. Kurschner
1989 Die Brennstoffressourcen in Raum Fenan (Wadi Araba, Jordanien) und die bei der Küpfererzverhuttung verwendeten Brennstoffe. In Old World Archaeometallurgy, eds. A. Hauptmann, E. Pernicka, and G.A. Wagner, pp. 213-222. Deutsche Bergbau-Museum, Bochum.
Jordan //Wadi Feinan//3M//2M//1M//AD

Bar-Yosef, Ofer and Mordechai Kislev
1989 Early Farming Communities in the Jordan Valley.In Foraging and Farming, The Evolution of Plant Exploitation, eds. D.R. Harris and G.C. Hillman, pp. 632-642. Unwin Hyman, London.

Bar-Yosef, Ofer, Ari Gopher, Eitan Tchernov, and Mordechai E. Kislev
1991 Netiv Hagdud: An Early Neolithic Village Site in the Jordan Valley. Journal of Field Archaeology 18: 405-424.
Israel//Netiv Hagdud//PPNA

Baruch, Uri and Nigel Goring-Morris
1997 The Arboreal Vegetation of the Central Negev Highlands, Israel, at the End of the Pleistocene: Evidence from Archaeological Charred Wood Remains. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 6: 249-259.
Israel//Nahal Neqarot//Saflulim//Abu Salem//Ramat Harif//Ma'aleh Ramon East//Epipaleo//12M-9M

Berlin, Andrea M., Terry Ball, Robert Thompson, and Sharon C. Herbert
2003 Ptolemaic Agriculture, "Syrian Wheat", and Triticum aestivum. Journal of Archaeological Science 30: 115-121. [ doi:10.1006/jasc.2002.0812]
Israel//T. Kedesh//1M

Behre, Karl-Ernst
1970 Kulturpflanzenreste aus Kamid el-Loz. In Bericht über die Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen in Kamid el-Loz (Libanon) in den Jähren 1966 und 1967, ed. Rolf Hachmann, pp. 59-69. Saarbrucker Beiträge zur Altertumskunde. Bonn.

Belli, Chiara, Valentina Caracuta, Mina Weinstein-Evron, Reuven Yeshurun, Elisabetta Boaretto and Dani Nadel
2021 A Late Pleistocene high-resolution paleoclimate reconstruction: insights from the archaeobotanical assemblage and the carbon isotope analysis of wild almond (Amygdalus sp.) from Raqefet Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel. Quaternary Science Reviews 268: 107138.
Israel//Raqefet Cave//Natufian

Benzaquen, Mordechay, Israel Finkelstein and Dafna Langgut
2019 Vegetation history and human impact on the environs of Tel Megiddo in the Bronze and Iron Ages: A dendroarchaeological analysis. Tel Aviv 46: 42-64. [online]

Bode, Leslie J.K., Alexandra Livarda, and Matthew D. Jones
2021 Plant gathering and people-environment interactions at Epipalaeolotihic Kharaneh IV, Jordan. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. (
Jordan//Kharaneh IV//Epipaleo//18M//17M

Bogaard, Amy, and Michael Charles
1999 Addendum: Summary of Archaeobotanical Work at al-Mudaybi'. In "Al-Karak Resources Project 1997: Excavations at Khirbat al-Mudaybi'," by G. Mattingly et al. Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 43: 127-144 [140-143].
Jordan//Khirbat al-Mudaybi'//AD

Borojevic, Ksenija
2006 Archaeobotanical Finds. Chapter 27. In Megiddo IV: the 1998-2002 Seasons, eds. I. Finkelstein, D. Ussishkin and B. Halpern, pp.519-541. Monograph Series of the Institute of Archaeology University of Tel-Aviv No. 24.

Borojevic, Ksenija
2010 Interpreting, dating, and Reevaluating the Botanical Assemblage from Tell Kedesh: a Case Study of Historical Contamination. Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 829-842. [ doi:10.1016/j.jas.2010.11.005]
Israel//T. Kedesh//1M

Bouchaud, Charlene, Christiane Jacquat, Danièle Martinoli
2017 Landscape use and fruit cultivation in Petra (Jordan) from Early Nabataean to Byzantine times (2nd century BC-5th century AD). Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 26: 223-244.

Bouchaud, Charlène, Hervé Monchot, François Villeneuve, Piotr Makowski, and Anaïs Marrast
2018 Agro-pastoral productions and landscape evolution during Antiquity and Islamic periods (AD 1st-12th centuries) at Dharih (Jordan). Journal of Islamic Archaeology 5.1: 39-70.

Buxo i Capdevila, Ramon
1999 Reflections on Paleobotanical Remains from Hayonim Terrace (Upper Galilee). In Prehistory of Agriculture, New Experimental and Ethnographic Approaches, ed. P.C. Anderson, pp. 153-155. Institute of Archaeology Monograph 40. University of California, Los Angeles.

Cahill, Jane, Karl Reinhard, David Tarler and Peter Warnock
1991 Scientists Examine Remains of Ancient Bathroom. Biblical Archaeology Review 17(3): 64-69.

Caracuta, Valentina
2020 Botanical remains. In The Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Site at Nesher- Ramla Quarry (NRQN) Israel, ed. M. Ulman, pp. 169-176. University of Haifa, The Zinman Institute of Archaeology.
Israel//Nesher-Ramla Quarry (NRGN)//9M

Caracuta, Valentina, Mina Weinstein-Evron, Reuven Yeshurun, Daniel Kaufman, Alexander Tsatskin, and Elisabetta Boaretto
2016 Charred wood remains in the Natufian sequence of el-Wad terrace (Israel): New insights into the climatic, environmental and cutural changes at the end of the Pleistocene. Quaternary Science Reviews 1q31: 20-32.

Caracuta, Valentina, Jacob Vardi, Ytzhak Paz, and Elisabetta Boaretto
2017 Farming legumes in the pre-pottery Neolithic: New discoveries from the site of Ahihud (Israel). PLoS ONE 12(5): e0177859.

Caracuta, Valentina, Ehud Weiss, Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Roy Liran, Jacob Vardi, and Omry Barzilai
2014 From natural environment to human landscape: New archaeobotanical data from the Neolithic site of Nahal Zippori 3, Lower Galilee. Neo-Lithics 1/14: 33-41.
Israel//Nahal Zippori 3//7M//6M//PPNB

Cartwright, C.R.
1994 The Archaeobotanical Remains from the 1993 Season. In J.N. Tubb and P.G. Dorrell (eds.), "Tell es-Sa'idiyeh 1993: Interim Report on the Seventh Season of Excavations." Palestine Exploration Quarterly 126: 66-67.
Jordan//Tell es-Sa'idiyeh//3M

Cartwright, C.R.
1996 Preliminary Report on the Archaeobotanical Material from the 1995 Season of Excavations at Tell es-Sa'idiyeh, Jordan. In J.N. Tubb et al. (eds.), "Interim report on the Eighth (1995) Season of Excavations at Tell es-Sa'idiyeh." Palestine Exploration Quarterly 128: 39-40.
Jordan//Tell es-Sa'idiyeh//3M

Cartwright, C.R.
1997 Interim Report on the Archaeobotanical Remains from the 1996 Season of Excavations of the Early Bronze Age Complex at Tell es-Sa'idiyeh, Jordan. In Tubb et al. (eds.), "Interim Report on the Ninth Season of Excavations at Tell es-Sa'idiyeh, Jordan." Palestine Exploration Quarterly 129: 72-75.
Jordan//Tell es-Sa'idiyeh//3M

Cartwright, C. R. & Clapham, A.
1993 The Archaeobotanical Remains from Tell es-Sa'idiyeh, Jordan. InTubb and P.G. Dorrell (eds.), "Tell es-Sa'idiyeh 1993: Interim Report on the Sixth Season of Excavations." Palestine Exploration Quarterly 125: 73-74.
Jordan//Tell es-Sa'idiyeh//3M//2M//1M

Charles, M.P., and C.F. Hoppe
1997-1998 The Archaeobotanical Remains. In "Mamluk Khirbat Faris," by A.M. McQuitty et al. The Mamluks and the Early Ottoman Period in Bilad al-Sham: History and Archaeology. Aram 9-10:181-226 [194-198, 223-226].
Jordan //Khirbat Faris//AD

Chernoff, Miriam C.
1988 The Archaeobotanical Material from Tel el Ifshar. Ph.D. Dissertation, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.
Israel//Tel Ifshar//3M//2M

Chernoff, Miriam C.
1992 Natural Resource Use in an Ancient Near East Farming Community. Agricultural History 66: 213-220ff.
Israel//Tell Ifshar//2M//1M

Chernoff, Miriam C., and Samuel M. Paley
1998 Dynamics of Cereal Production at Tell el Ifshar during the Middle Bronze Age. Journal of Field Archaeology 25:397-416.
Israel//Tell el Ifshar//2M

Colledge, Susan M.
1994 In "Prehistoric Environment and Settlement in the Azraq Basin: An Interim Report on the 1987 and 1988 Excavation Seasons," A.N. Garrard et al. Levant 26: 73-109 (100-105).
Jordan//Jilat //PPNB//Neolithic//8M//7M//6M

Colledge, S. (and J. Hather)
1998 Dhuweila: Botanical Remains. The Harra and the Hamad-Excavations and Explorations in Eastern Jordan, vol. 1, by A.V.G. Betts et al., pp. 185-189 + Pls 13, 14. Sheffield Archaeological Monographs 9. Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield.

Colledge, Susan M.
2001 Plant Exploitation on Epipaleolithic and Early Neolithic Sites in the Levant. BAR International Series 986. Oxford.
Jordan//Wadi Hammeh //Epipaleo//Neolithic//Azraq

Colledge, Sue
2013 Plant Remains an Archaeobotanical Analysis. In Wadi Hammeh 27, an Early Natufian Settlement at Pella in Jordan, ed. P.C. Edwards, pp. 353-365. Brill, Leiden.
Jordan//Wadi Hammeh 27//<11M

Crawford, Patricia
1987 Food for a Roman Legion: The Plant Remains from el-Lejjun. In The Roman Frontier in Central Jordan, Interim Report on the Limes Arabicus Project, 1980-1985, ed. S. Thomas Parker, pp. 691-704. BAR International Series 340 (ii). Oxford.
Jordan //el-Lejjun//Roman

Crawford, Patricia
2006 The Plant Remains. In The Roman Frontier in Central Jordan: Final Report on the Limes Arabicus Project, 1980-1989, edited by S. T. Parker, pp. 453-461. Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C.
Jordan//T. el-Lejjun//AD//

Crawford, Patricia, Oystein Sakala LaBianca and Robert B. Stewart
1976 The Flotation Remains, A Preliminary Report. In Heshbon 1974, The Fourth Campaign at Tell Hesban, R.S. Boraas and L.T. Geraty, pp. 185-187. Andrews University Monographs Studies in Religion 9. Andrews University Press, Berrien Springs, Michigan.
Jordan//Tell Heshbon//1M//AD

David, Michal, Mordechai Kislev, Yoel Melamed, Erez Ben-Yosef and Ehud Weiss
2022 Plant Remains from Rothenberg's Excavations in Timna: Smelters' Food and Cultic Offerings at the Turn of the First Millennium BCE. Tel Aviv, 49:2, 230-249. DOI: 10.1080/03344355.2022.2102110

De Moulins D.
2009 Sidon: Grain from the storerooms. Archaeology and History of Lebanon 29:11-15.

De Moulins, D.
2015 Plant remains from Middle Bronze Age to Iron Age: Samples of the College site, Sidon. Archaeology and History of Lebanon 42/43:32-54.

De Moulins D. and A. Marsh
2011 Sidon: Plant remains from the Middle Bronze Age Archaeology and History of Lebanon 34/35: 236-258.

de Vartavan, C.
1991 Appendix B. Preliminary Report on the Plant Remains from Sataf. Levant 23: 50-52.

Deckers, Katleen
2019 Charcoal analysis results from Middle and Late Bronze Age contexts at Tell el-Burak. In "Tell el-Burak I, The Middle Bronze Age,+ eds. J. Kamlah and H. Sader, pp. 369-378. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden.
Lebanon//T. el-Burak//2M

Dollfus, G., Z. Kafifi, J. Rewerski, N. Vaillant, E. Coqueugniot, J. Desse, and R. Neef
1988 Abu Hamid, An Early Fourth Millennium Site in the Jordan Valley, Preliminary Results. In The Prehistory of Jordan: The State of Research in 1986, eds. A.N. Garrard and H.G. Gebel,pp. 567-601. BAR International Series 396, Oxford.
Jordan//Abu Hamid//5M

Edwards, P. C., S.J. Bourke, S.J., S.M. Colledge, J. Head, P.G. Macumber
1988 Late Pleistocene Prehistory in Wadi al-Hammeh, Jordan Valley. In The Prehistory of Jordan: The State of Research in 1986, eds. A. N. Garrard and H.G. Gebel, pp. 525-565. BAR International Series 396, Oxford.
Jordan//Wadi Hammeh 27//Epipaleolithic

Edwards, Philip C., John Meadows, Ghattas Sayej, and Michael Westaway
2004 From the PPNA to the PPNB: New Views from the Southern Levant after Excavations at Zahrat adh-Dhra' 2 in Jordan. Paléorient 30/2: 21-60. [archaeobotanical section: 38-43]
Jordan//Zahrat adh-Dhra'//10M//9M

Engel, T.
1992 Nouvelles recherches sur des charbons de bois du Chalcolithique, de l'âge de Bronze et de l'âge du Fer de Fenan/Wadi Araba, Jordanie. In Les charbons de bois, les anciens écosystèmes et le rôle de l'homme, ed. J.-L. Vernet. Bulletin de la Société Botanique de France 139, Actualités botaniques 2/3/4: 553-563.
Jordan//Fenan //4M//3M//2M//1M

Engel, T.
1992 Charcoal Remains from an Iron Age Copper Smelting Slag Heap at Feinan, Wadi Arabah (Jordan). Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 2: 205-211.
Jordan//Fenan //1M

Erlanson, C.O.
1962 Botanical Specimens. In The Ancient Agriculture Regime of Nessana and the Central Negeb, p. 258. London.

Fall, Patricia L., Steven E. Falconer, and JoAnna Klinge
2015 Bronze age fuel use and its implications for agrarian landscapes in the eastern Mediterranean. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 4: 182-191.
Levant//Zahrat adh-Dhra//T. el-Hayyat//T. Abu en-Ni'aj//3M//2M

Fall, Patricia L., Steven E. Falconer, and Steven Porson
2019 Archaeological inference of intermittent settlement and agriculture at Middle Bronze Age Zahrat adh-Dhra' 1, Jordan. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 26: 101884.
Jordan// Zahrat adh-Dhra'1//T. el-Hayyat//3M//2M

Farahani, Alan, Benjamin W. Porter, Hanna Huynh, and Bruce Routledge
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Jordan//Khirbat al-Mudayna al-'Aliya //1M

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Jordan//T. Dhiban//3M//2M//1M

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1938 New Data on Some Cultivated Plants and Weeds of Early Bronze Age in Palestine. Palestine Journal of Botany, Jerusalem Series 1: 238-240. Israel//Beit Shan //3M

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Jordan//T. Abu al-Kharaz//3M//2M//1M

Fish, Suzanne K.
1989 Appendix B. The Beidha Pollen Record. In The Natufian Encampment at Beidha, Late Pleistocene Adaptation in the Southern Levant, Brian F. Byrd, pp. 91-96. Jutland Archaeological Society Publications 23(1). Jutland Archaeological Society, Aarhus.

Forste, Kathleen M.
2021 An intrasite analysis of agricultural economy at Early Islamic Caesarea Maritima, Israel. Ethnobiology Letters 12 (1). (
Israel//Caesarea Maritima//AD

Forste, Kathleen M., John M. Marston, and Tracy Hoffman
2022 Urban agricultural economy of the Early Islamic southern Levant: a case study of Ashkelon. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 31: 623-642.

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Jordan //Fenan//Neolithic

Frumin, Suembikya, Yoel Melamed, Aren M. Maeir, Haskel J. Greenfield, and Ehud Weiss
2021 Agricultural subsistence, land use and long-distance mobility within the Early Bronze Age southern Levant: Archaeobotanical evidence from the urban site of Tell es-Safi/Gath. Journal of Archaeological Science Reports 37, June 2021, 102873. (
Levant//T. es-Safi/Gath//3M

Galili, E., D. Cvikel, J. Benjamin, D. Langgut, J. McCarthy, M. Cavanagh, Y. Sapir, M. Weinstein-Evron, S. Chaim, B. Rosen, and L. Kolska Horwitz
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Israel//Kfar Samir//6M//5M

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Israel//Kfar Samir//7M

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Israel//Neolithic//7M//Olea europaea

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Jordan//Tell Hesban//1M//AD

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Israel//T. Saf//T. Tsaf

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Israel //Gesher Benot Ya'aqov//Acheulian

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Israel//Nahal Neqarot//Epipaleo

Graham, Philip
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Levant//T. Tsaf//T. Saf//6M//5M

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Jordan//Shkarat Msaied//PPNB//7M

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Israel //Lachish//Bronze Age

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Jordan //Beidha//Neolithic

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Jordan//Ayn Abu Nukhayla//7M

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Jordan //Jericho//Epipaleo//Neolithic

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Jordan//Jericho //Neolithic

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Israel//Hayonim //Epipaleo

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Israel//Tell Keisan//1M

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Israel//Yiftah'el////Neolithic Vicia faba

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Abi'or Cave//135 C.E.//Hordeum vulgare

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Israel //Shiqmim//Chalco

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Israel//Nahal Hemar//PPNB//Neolithic

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Kadesh Barnea//1M//Hordeum

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