Archaeobotanical Reports from Central Asia and Related Items (Caucasus to Indus and Harappan India)*

compiled by Naomi F. Miller, University of Pennsylvania Museum
December 8, 2023

Akashi, C., K. Tanno, F. Guliye, and Y. Nishiaki
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Azerbaijan//Göytepe//Hacı Elamzanlı T.//6M

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Turkmenistan//Dam Dam Cheshme //2M

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Kazakhstan //Djuvan-tobe//Karaspan-tobe//AD

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Pakistan//Sohr Damb/Nal//3M//sesame

Berthon, Rémi, Alexia Decaix, Zsófia Eszter Kovács, Wim Van Neer, Margareta Tengberg, George Willcox, and Thomas Cucchi
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Boardman, Sheila
1995 Archaeobotanical progress report. [part of longer report, "The International Merv Project, Preliminary Report on the Third Season (1994)," by G. Herrmann, K. Kurbansakhatov et al., pp. 31-60] Iran 33: 50-52.
Turkmenistan//Erk Kala//Gyaur Kala//Sasanian//1M AD

Boardman, Sheila
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Turkmenistan//Erk Kala//Sasanian

Boardman, Sheila
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Turkmenistan//Erk Kala//Gyaur Kala//Sasanian//AD

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Turkmenistan//Dam Dam Cheshme //2M

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Costantini, Lorenzo
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Pakistan//Loebanr III//Aligrama//2M

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Pakistan//Ghalegay//Bir-Khot-Ghwandai//Loebanr 3//3M//2M

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Turkmenistan//Mele Hairam//AD

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Azerbaijan//Kamil Tepe//MPS 4, 5, 16//Mentesh Tepe//6M//5M//4M//3M

Decaix, Alexia, Erwan Messager, Margareta Tengberg, Reinder Neef, Bertille Lyonnet, Farhad Guliyev
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Azerbaijan//Mentesh Tepe//6M//5M//4M//3M

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Naxçivan//Maxta 1//Kültəpə//1M

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India// Kanmer//4M//3M

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Turkmenistan//Merv//1M AD

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Armenia//Norabak I//Geghakar//Sotk 2//3M//2M//1M//AD

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Georgia//Paravani //3M

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Georgia//Saphar-Kharaba //2M

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Turkmenistan//Togolok 21

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Turkmenistan//Monjukli Depe//7M//6M//5M

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Kyrgyzstan//Chap I//2M//1M

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Turkmenistan//Merv//Tahirbaj Tepe//2M//1M//AD

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India//Oriyo Timbo//Babar Kot//2M

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Georgia//Dariali Gorge//AD

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Turkmenistan//Ojakly//Murghab 1211, Murghab 1219//2M

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Turkmenistan//Adji Kui 1//3M//2M

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Kazakhstan//Tuzusai//Tseganka 8//Taldy Bulak 2//Begash//Mukri//Kyzyltepa//1M

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Central Asia survey

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*NOTE: I have not personally seen every reference listed, and I include syntheses because some of the reports are linguistically or physically unavailable.

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