Archaeobotanical Reports from Iraq and Related Items

accumulated by Naomi F. Miller, University of Pennsylvania Museum
July 14, 2023

Asouti, Eleni, Douglas Baird, Ceren Kabukcu, Kate Swinson, Louise Martin, Aroa Garcia-Suárez, Emma Jenkins, and Kamal Rasheed
2020 The Zagros Epipalaeolithic revisited: New excavations and 14C dates from Palegawra cave in Iraqi Kurdistan. PLoS ONE 15(9): e0239564 (
Iraq//Palegawra Cave//>12M

Badler, V. R., P. E. McGovern and D. L. Glusker
1996 Chemical Evidence for a Wine Residue from Warka (Uruk) inside a Late Uruk Period Spouted Jar. Baghdader Mitteilungen 27: 39-43.

Bakhteyev, F. K. and Zoya V. Yanushevich
1980 Discoveries of Cultivated Plants in the Early Farming Settlements of Yarym-Tepe I and Yarym-Tepe II in Northern Iraq. Journal of Archaeological Science 7: 167-178.
Iraq//Yarim Tepe//Neolithic

Charles, Michael
1993 Botanical Remains. In Abu Salabikh, vol. 4, ed. A. Green, pp. 203-204. British School of Archaeology in Iraq.
Iraq//Abu Salabikh//3M

Costantini, Lorenzo and Loredana Costantini Biasini
1993 The Plant Remains. In Tell Karrana 3, Tell Jikan, Tell Khirbet Salih, G. Wilhelm and C. Zaccagnini, pp. 237-50 + pls. civ and cv. Baghdader Forschungen 15, Mainz am Rhein: Philipp von Zabern.
Iraq//Tell Karrana 3//3M

Ellison, Rosemary, Jane Renfrew, Don Brothwell and Nigel Seeley
1978 Some Food Offerings from Ur, Excavated by Sir Leonard Woolley, and Previously Unpublished. Journal of Archaeological Science 5: 167-177.

Engel, T. and H. Kürschner
1992 Holzreste und Holzkohlen (pflanzliche Makroreste) aus Uruk-Warka. In Ausgrabungen in Uruk-Warka, Endberichte, Band 7: Uruk, Kleinfunde II, Metall und Asphalt, Farbreste, Fritte / Fayence, Glas, Holz, Knochen / Elfenbein, Leder, Muschel / Perlmutt / Schnecken, Schilf, Textilien, eds. M. van Ess and F. Pedde, pp. 271-274. Berlin,

Engel, Thomas and Harald Kürschner
1992 Weitere Holzkohlen und Holzreste aus Uruk. Baghdader Mitteilungen 24: 127-135, Tafel 41-44.

Field, Henry
1932 Ancient Wheat and Barley from Kish, Mesopotamia. AmericanAnthropologist 34: 303-309.
Iraq//Kish//Jemdet Nasr//4M

Gillet, J. B.
1976 Botanical Samples. In Eridu, eds. F. Safar et al., pp. 317-318. Baghdad: Ministry of Culture and Information.

Gregor, H.-J.
1987 Pflanzliche Reste. In Uruk Kampagne 38, 1985, Grabungen in J-K/23 und H/24-25, R.M. Boehmer, pp. 71-86. Mainz am Rhein: Verlag Philipp von Zabern.

Helbaek, Hans
1960 Ecological Effects of Irrigation in Ancient Mesopotamia. Iraq 22: 186-196.

Helbaek, Hans
1960 The Palaeoethnobotany of the Near East and Europe. In Prehistoric Investigations in Iraqi Kurdistan, R.J. Braidwood and B. Howe, pp. 99-118. Studies in Oriental Civilization 31. Chicago: Oriental Institute.

Helbaek, Hans
1965 Early Hassunan Vegetable Remains at es-Sawwan near Samarra. Sumer 20: 45-48.
Iraq//Tell es-Sawwan//Hassuna//6M

Helbaek, Hans
1966 The Plant Remains from Nimrud. In Nimrud and Its Remains, M.E.L. Mallowan, pp. 613-620. Edinburgh.

Helbaek, Hans
1972 Samarran Irrigation Agriculture at Chogha Mami in Iraq. Iraq 34: 35-48.
Iraq//Chogha Mami//6M

Helbaek, Hans
1972 Traces of Plant Remains in the Early Ceramic Site of Umm Dabaghiyah. Iraq 34: 17-19.
Iraq//Umm Dabaghiyah//Neolithic

Jacobsen, Thorkild
1982 Salinity and Irrigation Agriculture in Antiquity: Diyala Basin Archaeological Projects: Report on Essential Results 1957-58. Bibliotheca Mesopotamica 14. Malibu: Undena.

Kabukcu, Ceren, Chris Hunt, Evan Hill, Emma Pomeroy, Tim Reynolds, Graeme Barker, and Eleni Asouti
2022 Cooking in caves: Palaeolithic carbonized plant food remains from Franchthi and Shanidar. Antiquity
Iraq//Shanidar//Upper Paleolithic//Mousterian

Kozlowski, K. S.
1989 Nemrik 9, A PPN Neolithic Site in Northern Iraq. Paléorient 15(1): 25-31.
Iraq//Nemrik 9//PPN

Leroi-Gourhan, Arlette
1975 The flowers found with Shanidar IV, a Neanderthal Burial in Iraq. Science 190: 562-564.

Leroi-Gourhan, Arlette
1999 Shanidar et ses fleurs. Paléorient 24(2): 79-88.

Lisicyna, G.
1983 Die altesten paläoethnobotanischen Funde in Nordmesopotamien. Zeitschrift für Archäologie 17: 31-38.

Matthews, W., J. N. Postgate, S. Payne, M. P. Charles and K. Dobney
1995? The Imprint of Living in an Early Mesopotamian City: Questions and Answers. In Whither Environmental Archaeology?, eds. R. Luff and P. Rowley Conwy, pp. 171-212. Oxbow Monograph 38. Oxford: Oxbow.
Iraq//Abu Salabikh//3M

Neef, Reinder
1989 Plant Remains from Archaeological Sites in Lowland Iraq: Hellenistic and Neobabylonian Larsa. In Larsa, travaux de 1985, J.-L. Huot, pp. 151-161. Paris: Editions Recherche sur les Civilisations.

Neef, Reinder
1991 Plant Remains from Archaeological Sites in Lowland Iraq: Tell el 'Oueli. In 'Oueili, Travaux de 1985, J.-L. Huot, pp. 321-329. Paris: Editions Recherche sur les Civilisations.

Neef, Reinder
1991 Einige botanische Funde aus der Grabungskampagne 1988 und Anmerkungen zum Holzimport. In Isin-Isan Bahriyat IV, die Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen 1986-1989, B. Hrouda, pp. 194-197.

Nesbitt, M.R.
1995 4. The Search for Plant Remains. In Qermez Dere, Tell Afar: Interim Report No. 3, Vol. 14, Project Paper. Edited by T. Watkins, pp. 9-11, 40-45. Edinburgh: Department of Archaeology, University of Edinburgh. [ on-line] Iraq//Qermez Dere//Epipaleo

Nesbitt, M.R.
1998 Preliminary Report on the Plant Remains from M'lefaat. Cahiers de l'Euphrate 8:232-233 + 272.[on-line ]

Proctor, Lucas, Alexia Smith, and Gil J. Stein
2022 Archaeobotanical and dung spherulite evidence for Ubaid and Late Chalcolithic fuel, farming, and feasting at Surezha, Iraqi Kurdistan. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 43: 103449.

Renfrew, Jane M.
1984 Cereals Cultivated in Ancient Iraq. Bulletin on Sumerian Agriculture 1: 32-44.

Safar, Fuad, and Mohammed Ali Mustafa
1981 Eridu. (pp. 317-318). State Organization of Antiquities and Heritage, Baghdad.

Savard, Manon, Mark Nesbitt, and Rowena Gale
2003 Archaeobotanical Evidence for Early Neolithic Diet and Subsistence at M'lefaat (Iraq). Paleorient 29(1): 93-106.[ on-line]

Savard, Manon, Mark Nesbitt, and Martin K. Jones
2006 The Role of Wild Grasses in Subsistence and Sedentism: New Evidence from the Northern Fertile Crescent. WorldArchaeology 38(2): 179-186.
[ on-line] Turkey//Iraq//Hallan Çemi//Demirköy//Qermez Dere//M'lefaat//Epipaleo//10M

Schiemann, E.
1940 Charred Seeds. (identification by E. Schiemann) In The Temple Oval at Khafajah, by P. Delougaz, p. 154. Chicago: Oriental Institute Press. Download entire book.

Schwartz, Glenn M., Christopher D. Brinker, Andrew T. Creekmore III, Marian H. Feldman, Alexia Smith, and Jill Weber
2017 Excavations at Kurd Qaburstan, a second millennium B.C. urban site on the Erbil plain. Iraq 79:1-43. DOI: 10.1017/irq.2017.2
Iraq//Kurd Qaburstan//2M

van Zeist, Willem
1991 Lower Mesopotamian Plant Remains from the Fourth Century B.C. and the First/Second Century A.D. In Northern Akkad Project Reports 5, Mesopotamian History and Environment, Series 1, pp. 61-69. Ghent.
Iraq//Abu Qubur//Mahmudiya//1M//1M AD//Parthian.

van Zeist, Willem with J. Vynckier
1984 Palaeobotanical Investigations of Tell ed-Der. In Tell ed-Der IV, ed. Leon de Meyer, pp. 119-143. Leuven: Uitgeverij Peeters.
Iraq//Tell ed-Der//2M

Waines, J. Giles
1973 Plant Remains from Tell Taya, Iraq. Iraq 35: 185-187. [Entire article on-line]
Iraq//Tell Taya//ED//Akkadian

Watkins, T., D. Baird and A. Betts
1989 Qermez Dere and the Early Aceramic of N. Iraq. Paléorient 15(1): 19-24.
Iraq//Qermez Dere//9M//8M//7M

Watson, P. J.
1983 A Note on the Jarmo Plant Remains. In Prehistoric Archaeology along the Zagros Flanks, eds. L.S. Braidwood, R. J. Braidwood, B. Howe, C. Reed, and P.J. Watson, pp. 501-503. Oriental Institute Publications 105. Chicago: University of Chicago. Download entire book

Wengrow, David, Robert Carter, Gareth Brereton, Mary Shepperson, Sami Jamil Hamarashi, Saber Ahmed Saber, Andrew Bevan, Dorian Fuller, Helen Himmelman, Hanna Sosnowska, and Lara Gonzalez Carretero
2016 Gurga Chiya and Tepe Marani: New excavations in the Shahrizor Plain, Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraq (DOI: 10.1017/irq.2016.6)
Iraq//Gurga Chiya//T. Marani//6M//5M//4M

Whitlam, Jade, Charlotte Diffey, Amy Bogaard, and Mike Charles
2020 The charred plant remains from Early Neolithic levels at Bestansur and Shimshara. In The Early Neolithic of the Eastern Fertile Crescent, Excavations at Bestansur and Shimshara, Iraqi Kurdistan, eds. R. Matthews, W. Matthews, K.R. Raheem, and A. Richardson, pp. 411-428. Central Zagros Archaeological Project 2. Oxbow, Oxford.

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