Section 1: Commands

intro - introduction to host and satellite commands
boot - boot ELF from the RL02 disk
cat - concatenate and print files
cd - change working directory
chmod - change mode
chsize - change size of file
cp - copy files
create - create a satellite file
df - report file system block space information
diskcp - copy contents of one disk to another
exec - load and execute a program
garead - read characters from GA 1830 computer
hcu - call the host system
help - print a synopsis of each ELF command
link - communication link handler
ls - list contents of directories
makefsys - utility program to format a new file system disk
mv - change file or directory name
qcc - the parasite-targeted C cross-compiler
plint - a C syntax checker
pwd - print working directory name
quit - exit from the ELF monitor
rm - remove files or directories