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Added August, 2018

Whitlam, Jade, Amy Bogaard, Roger Matthews, Wendy Matthews, Yaghoub Mohammadifar, Hengameh Ilkhani, and Michael Charles
2018 Preagricultural plant management in the uplands of the central Zagros: the archaeobotanical evidence from Sheikh-e Abad. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany .
Iran//Sheikh-e Abad//10M//9M//8M

Allué, Ethel Isabel Expósito, Laxmi Tumung, Andreu Ollé, Behrouz Bazgir
2018 Early evidence of Prunus and Prunus cf. amygdalus from Palaeolithic sites in the Khorramabad Valley, western Iran. Évidences anciennes de Prunus et Prunus cf. amygdalus dans des sites paléolithiques de la vallée de Khorramabad, dans l'ouest de l'Iran. Comptes Rendus Palevol 17: 335-345.
Iran//Kaldar Cave//Gilvaran Cave//Paleolithic

Orendi, Andrea and Katleen Deckers
2018 Agricultural resources on the coastal plain of Sidon during the Late Iron Age: archaeobotanical investigations at Phoenician Tell el-Burak, Lebanon. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 27:717-736.
Lebanon//T. el-Burak//1M

Allué, E. and D. Griffiths
2006 Identification of wood from Bronze Age contexts at Sidon. Archaeology and History of Lebanon 24: 23-33.

De Moulins D.
2009 Sidon: Grain from the storerooms. Archaeology and History of Lebanon 29:11-15.

De Moulins, D.
2015 Plant remains from Middle Bronze Age to Iron Age: Samples of the College site, Sidon. Archaeology and History of Lebanon 42/43:32-54.

De Moulins D. and A. Marsh
2011 Sidon: Plant remains from the Middle Bronze Age Archaeology and History of Lebanon 34/35: 236-258.

Melamed Y
2013 Botanical remains of the excavation on the Southern Beach of Ashdod. 'Atiqot 74:127-131.

Arranz-Otaegui, A.
2017 Evaluating the impact of water flotation and the state of the wood in archaeological wood charcoal remains: Implications for the reconstruction of past vegetation and identification of firewood gathering strategies at Tell Qarassa North (south Syria). Quaternary International 457: 60-73. Syria//T. Qarassa//9M//8M

Wright, Nathan J., Andrew S. Fairbairn, M. Cemre Üstünkaya, J. Tyler Faith
2017 Explaining changing patterns of wood presence across the Bronze and Iron Age at Kaman-Kalehöyük, central Anatolia. Quaternary International 431: 90-102.
Turkey//Kaman Kalehöyük//2M//1M

Added May, 2018

Buffington, Abigail and Joy McCorriston
2018 Wood exploitation patterns and pastoralist-environment relationships: charcoal remains from Iron Age Shakal, Dhufar, Sultanate of Oman. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany.

Ramsey, Monica N., Lisa A. Maher, Danielle A. Macdonald, Dani Nadel, Arlene M. Rosen
2018 Sheltered by reeds and settled on sedges: Construction and use of a twenty thousand-year-old hut according to phytolith analysis from Kharaneh IV, Jordan. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 50: 85-97.
Levant//Kharaneh IV//18M//Epipaleo//phytolith

Peyronel, Luca, Agnese Vacca, Claudia Wachter-Sarkady
2014 Food and drink preparation at Ebla, Syria. New data from the Royal Palace G (c. 2450-2300 BC). Food & History 12: 2-38.

Laneri, Nicola, Mark Schwartz, Jason Ur, Anacleto d'Agostino, Remi Berthon, Mette Marie Hald, and Anke Marsh
2015 Ritual and identity in rural Mesopotamia: Hirbemerdon Tepe and the Upper Tigris River Valley in the Middle Bronze Age. American Journal of Archaeology 119: 533-564.
Turkey//Hirbemerdon T.//2M

Added December, 2017

Pokharia, Anil K., B.R. Mani, Michael Spate, Alison Betts, and Alka Srivastava
2017 Early Neolithic agriculture (2700-2000 BC) and Kushan period developments (AD 100-300): macrobotanical evidence from Kanispur in Kashmir, India. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. DOI 10.1007/s00334-017-0645-8
India// Kanispur //3M//AD

Wright, Nathan J.
2017 Examining dendrological features of oak as possible signals of systematic woodland management in the central Anatolian Bronze and Iron Ages. Quaternary International. Other link
Turkey//Kaman Kale-Hyk//3M//2M//1M//AD

Added October, 2017

Spengler, Robert N. III, Naomi F. Miller, Reinder Neef, Perry A. Tourtellote, and Claudia Chang
2017 Linking agriculture and exchange to social developments of the Central Asian Iron Age. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 48: 295-308.
Kazakhstan//Tuzusai//Tseganka 8//Taldy Bulak 2//Begash//Mukri//Kyzyltepa//1M

Rössner, Corinna, Katleen Deckers, Marion Benz, Vecihi Özkaya, and Simone Riehl
2017 Subsistence strategies and vegetation development at Aceramic Neolithic Körtik Tepe, southeastern Anatolia, Turkey. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany.

Kabukcu, Ceren
2017 Woodland vegetation history and human impacts in south-central Anatolia 16,000-6500 cal BP: Anthracological results from five prehistoric sites in the Konya plain. Quaternary Science Reviews 176 (15): 85-100.
Turkey//Pınarbaşı// Boncuklu// Can Hasan III// Çatalhöyük East// Çatalhöyük West// 14M//12M//10M//9M//8M//7M//6M//4M//

Brite, Elizabeth Baker, Gairatdin Khozhaniyazov, John M. Marston, Michelle Negus Cleary, and Fiona J. Kidd
2017 Kara-tepe, Karakalpakstan: Agropastoralism in a Central Eurasian Oasis in the 4th/5th century A.D. Transition. Journal of Field Archaeology.

Sataeva, Liliya and Robert Sataev
2014 Wood using at the Bronze Age site Gonur-Depe (ancient Margiana, south Turkmenistan). Proceedings, 9th ICAANE, Basel 2014, vol. 3, 643-645.

Schwartz, Glenn M., Christopher D. Brinker, Andrew T. Creekmore III, Marian H. Feldman, Alexia Smith, and Jill Weber
2017 Excavations at Kurd Qaburstan, a second millennium B.C. urban site on the Erbil plain. Iraq 79:1-43. DOI: 10.1017/irq.2017.2
Iraq//Kurd Qaburstan//2M

Ramsay, Jennifer and Natalie Mueller
2016 Telling seeds: Archaeobotanical investigations at Tall al-'Umayri, Jordan. In The Archaeology of Agro-Pastoralist Economies in Jordan, ed. K.M. McGeough, pp. 1-25. Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research 69.
Jordan//T. al-'Umayri 3M//2M//1M

Farahani, Alan, Benjamin W. Porter, Hanna Huynh, and Bruce Routledge
2016 Crop storage and animal husbandry at Early Iron Age Khirbat al-Mudayna al-'Aliya (Jordan): A paleoethnobotnical approach. In The Archaeology of Agro-Pastoralist Economies in Jordan, ed. K.M. McGeough, pp. 27-88. Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research 69.
Jordan//Khirbat al-Mudayna al-'Aliya //1M

Buxó, Ramon and Núria Rovira
20xx Tell Halula: arquebotánica de los restos de semillas y frutos. In Tell Halula: un poblado de los primeros agricultores en l valle del Éufrates, Siria, co-ord. M. Molist, pp. 359-389. Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Fairbairn, Andrew and Nathan Wright
2015 Grinding, burning and trading at Kültepe: Archaeobotanical evidence for economic differences between settlements in Anatolia's Middle Bronze Age. Proceedings of the 2nd Kültepe International Meeting, 2015. Subartu XXXIX: 9-27.
Turkey// Kültepe//2M

Masi, Alessia, Fracesca Balossi Restelli, Diego Sabato, Cristiano Vignola, and Laura Sadori
2017 Timber exploitation during the 5th-3rd millennia BCE at Arslantepe (Malatya, Turkey): environmental constraints and cultural choices. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

Vignola, Cristiano, Francesca Balossi Restelli, Alessia Masi, Laura Sadori, and Giovanni Siracusano
2014 Investigating domestic economy at the beginning of the Late Chalcolithic in eastern Anatolia: The case of Arslantepe Period VIII. Origini 36: 7-36.

Paz, Yitzhak, Oren Ackermann, Yoav Avni, Meni Ben-Hur, Michal Birkenfeld, Dafna Langgut, Ahuva-Sivan Mizrahi, Ehud Weiss, and Naomi Porat
2017 An early bronze age fertilized agricultural plot discovered near Tel Yarmouth, Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 15: 226-234.
Levant//T. Yarmouth//3M

Sataeva, L.V. and R.M. Cataev
2017 Роль древесных растений в жизни древнего населению Гонур-депе (Бронзовый век, Туркменистан). Вестник археологии, антропологии и этнографии. The Role of Trees in the Life of Ancient Population of Gonur-Depe (The Bronze Age, Turkmenistan). Bulletin of Archaeology, Anthropology and Ethnography. DOI: 10.20874/2071-0437-2017-36-1-134-142

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