Penn Grad Talks Winners

Congratulations to this year's winners of Penn Grad Talks!

Penn Grad Talks is a day of TED Talk-style presentations by Penn Arts & Sciences graduate students representing the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Professional Master's programs as they compete for first place within their category.


Andrés Oliveros González, Behavioral and Decision Sciences

“Three Stories Every Student Needs to Tell”
Winner: Professional Masters

Rawad Wehbe, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

“Structures of Feeling at the Threshold of Islam: The Mukhadram in Arabic Poetry”
Winner: Humanities

Jessica Wojick, Biology

“Pain in the Brain”
Winner: Natural Sciences

Maya Moritz, Criminology

“A Picture Worth A Thousand Words: The Effect of Murals on Crime”
Winner: Social Sciences

Daniel Gomes, Physics and Astronomy

“Planet X: Can gravity solve a mystery of the deep solar system?”
Winner: Audience Choice