We want to make it possible for talented and motivated students to choose Penn Arts & Sciences and devote their time and energy to learning and research. That’s why we offer Ph.D. students generous fellowship packages that include stipends and cover tuition, health insurance and fees.

Overview: Financing a Graduate Education at Penn

The Graduate Student Resource Guide and the Policies and Procedures manual provide useful links to the financial assistance available at the University of Pennsylvania. The Office of Student Financial Services offers more specific information and assistance to graduate students seeking to finance their education, including loans to help with start-up costs, such as the purchase of a computer or filling the gap until the first stipend check comes at the end of September.


2023-2024 Academic Year (Fall and Spring)

Below is an estimate that lists costs of attendance for graduate study in Penn's School of Arts and Sciences along with rough estimates of living expenses.

Note that most doctoral students have tuition and general fees covered during the period of their fellowships along with a 12-month living stipend. Your letter of admission stipulates the term of your fellowship.

Please note that the living expense itemssuch as room and board, books and suppliesare estimated and your expenses will vary depending on your individual choices. Also keep in mind that tuition at the University of Pennsylvania is projected to increase every year.

Tuition and Fees

Living Expense Budget

Link to Student Registration and Financial Services: https://srfs.upenn.edu/costs-budgeting/sas 

Graduate groups are an essential source of information about funding for graduate students. The Office of Career Services provides an overview of fellowship and scholarship opportunities at the University as well as information about fellowships designed specifically for graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences. Those graduate students whose funding involves classroom teaching receive preparation and support through the Graduate Student Teaching Resource Network. In addition, Finaid and Fastweb are two additional sites that provide search capabilities.

There are a number of sources of information on specific funding resources. The Vice-Provost for Graduate Education publishes the most recent funding announcements.

Other important sources for funding information include:

*Please reach out to the Graduate Division at grad-dean@sas.upenn.edu if you plan to apply for the Fulbright-Hays

Graduate students can obtain information about travel grants from:

Information on work study jobs and financial loans for graduate students is available from the Office of Financial Services. A number of external loan forms may be downloaded from the Office of Financial Services. Click here for a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The Student Employment Office receives listings from employers both on and off campus. Graduate students may also find employment through the Career Service.

Federal and Pennsylvania state tax forms can be downloaded.

Banking facilities are discussed in the Graduate Student Resource Guide.

Graduate Student Center (GSC)

The GSC’s funding and financing resources provides information on special grant programs, including family grants and insurance grants; competitive fellowships; student employment; and personal finance.