We want you to succeed at Penn. Often, that means knowing where to turn when you need academic or personal support.

2020-21 Principles for Graduate Teaching and Mentorship

Provide guidance on navigating changes caused by COVID-19. For further policy and resource updates, please visit our COVID announcements page.

Thrive at Penn

introductory modules on Academic Integrity, Health & Wellness, and Violence Prevention, delivered through Canvas to all first-year graduate and professional students.

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Career Services

Career Services offers an extensive array of services to graduate and professional students including resume reviews, practice interviews, workshops, and on-campus recruiting.

The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning is available to graduate students interested in improving as teachers, whether they are working as TAs or preparing to become future faculty.

English Language Programs

English Language Programs provide courses in English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL) and orientation to life in the United States.

International Student & Scholar Services

International Student & Scholar Services advises international students on F-1 and J-1 nonimmigrant procedures and compliance with immigration laws and regulations.

Penn Travel Registry

(When allowed) Penn Travel Registry is mandatory for students planning to travel for academic, educational, extracurricular, clinical, research, or University business purposes. Registered travelers are pre-authorized to use International SAS and traveler medical insurance, as well as pre-travel preparations.

The Weingarten Learning Resource Center

The Weingarten Learning Resource Center provides professional instruction in skills such as academic reading, writing, and study strategies free of charge to Penn students.

Weingarten’s Office of Student Disabilities Services

Student Disability Services provides comprehensive confidential services and programs for students with disabilities to ensure equal academic

Faculty Wellness Partners Program

SAS is pleased to announce the creation of Faculty Wellness Partners for Graduate Students—a new program that provides graduate students with the opportunity to meet privately with select faculty members who have been trained to discuss the particular challenges of graduate school and to refer students to Penn’s many wellness resources. 

Student Health Service (SHS)

Primary Care section offers evaluation, initial treatment and follow-up care for acute injuries and illnesses, provides care for chronic health problems, dispenses selected prescription medication, administers routine and travel immunizations, provides screening and preventative health services, and coordinates outside medical care that students need. Women's Health provides well-women care, including annual exams, contraceptive management, and treatment and counseling for sexual and reproductive health concerns.

Campus Health Initiatives

The public health branch of Student Health Services that seeks to improve health and well-being across campus through advocacy, education, programming, and action.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Provides professional psychological and psychiatric services to students who are having personal problems involving social, emotional, academic, or career issues.

Penn Violence Prevention

Aims to prevent sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking on campus, by ensuring students have access to resources, and by providing preventative education focused on building healthy relationships, understanding consent, and being an active bystander.

The Department of Recreation

Offers virtual programming, intramural sports, on-campus fitness facilities, informal recreation, sports clubs, group exercise classes, personal training, massage therapy, and outdoor adventure trips. All full-time students who pay general fee have access to on-campus fitness facilities (when open) which include an Olympic sized pool and co-ed sauna, Juice Bar, locker/shower facilities, and classes led by certified Personal Trainers.

Additional Wellness & Engagement Resources

SAS is pleased to announce the creation of Faculty Wellness Partners for Graduate Students—a new program that provides graduate students with the opportunity to meet privately with select faculty members who have been trained to discuss the particular challenges of graduate school and to refer students to Penn’s many wellness resources.

Faculty Wellness Partners are available to provide a sounding board for graduate students as they navigate relationships with advisors, issues within departments or labs, and a range of other concerns about graduate school life. They can offer support with the challenges of conducting research, time-management, balancing expectations, optimizing work/life balance, and problem-solving. Faculty Wellness Partners will be available to provide guidance for SAS students as they negotiate their academic and professional careers. Typically, we will meet with students from 1-3 times, for 30 minutes each.

These faculty members do not take the place of primary advisors nor are they professional counselors, but they are caring, knowledgeable and trained to support students and refer them to appropriate resources on campus when needed.

Faculty Wellness Partners take a team approach to providing the best assistance possible to SAS graduate students. Partners will respect your privacy, but we may discuss issues as a group in order to provide sound advice and guidance, and to consult with campus partners as needed. We will do so without sharing your name and identifying information, except, for example, in cases of imminent danger to self or others. Our goal is to help you solve problems, advocate for yourself, and thrive at Penn.

Six Faculty Wellness Partners, two from each division (Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences) have been appointed; graduate students are free to contact a faculty member within or outside their own division. Please follow the link below to request an appointment. Only the faculty member with whom you request the appointment will receive this form.

Request an appointment

Humanities Faculty Wellness Partners

Professor Zachary Lesser, Department of English
Professor Lisa Miracchi, Department of Philosophy

Natural Sciences Faculty Wellness Partners

Professor Marc Schmidt, Department of Biology
Professor Evelyn Thomson, Department of Physics & Astronomy 

Social Sciences Faculty Wellness Partners

Professor Michel Guillot, Department of Sociology
Professor Lauren Ristvet, Department of Anthropology 

Family Center at Penn

Family Center staff remain available to advise and meet with students, postdocs, and campus partners via phone, email, or Skype. Follow the Family Center on social media, sign up for the newsletter, and check their Virtual Resources page for special resources for parents and families.

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

ISSS advisors are available by email or virtual advising appointment. ISSS has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to COVID-19 to answer student questions and concerns.

Greenfield Intercultural Center

Greenfield Intercultural Center promotes intercultural awareness and cultural competency workshops to help prepare Penn students to be thoughtful global citizens and leaders.

La Casa Latina

La Casa Latina focuses on building a unified community by working with LaGAPSA, students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

LGBT Center

The LGBT Center offers educational programs and mentoring, and supports student organizations including Lambda Grads.


Makuu, the Black Cultural Center, serves as a cultural hub for campus activities, activism, and personal, professional, and academic growth.

Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH)

PAACH is a hub of academic, personal, and professional growth for students interested in Asian American culture and the Asian American Diaspora.

Penn Women's Center

Penn Women's Center aims to understand and address the continuing and evolving needs of all women at Penn.

My work on cystic fibrosis raises questions about vulnerable bodies and who protects them. I hope it helps us ask about the experience of other groups—Who is protecting them before, during, and after a pandemic?

Rebecca Mueller,
graduate student in History and Sociology of Science